What a great Sunday to enjoy yourself. We have a good mix for you and some good thoughts

25 Aug 2013
| Last update: 08 Dec 2014
It’s Sunday.
Drag a nice cup of coffee near you and enjoy some good music 🙂 Here’s a really relaxing set of tracks I found on 8tracks.com:
It’s all about having that kind of Sunday, that you wish will never end, because after all the talking and writing you’ve been doing over the week, you just wish to let those creative juices flow, and perhaps turn into some lovely thoughts that will help you encounter new found hope and a tini bit of happiness.
At Squirrly, we’re getting ready to announce the Fan of the Week for tomorrow.
We love to surprise some of our fans and just award them the fan of the week. We’re happy when we get to feature them on our Facebook Page:
There, you will see the collection we’ve had so far.
Enjoy yourself today. Sometimes, we just don’t celebrate ourselves enough. I’m sure you can find something nice about your latest week that you can smile about today.
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