Now Available on Education Cloud 2020: 4 Steps to the Google Launch

24 Mar 2020
| Last update: 28 Aug 2020

Now Playing for Free on Education Cloud 2020: Four Steps to the Google Launch.

You can start getting access today. Brand new lessons about launching your site to Google.

Did you ever allow Google to crawl your website? – you probably did.

And probably made a couple of really big mistakes when doing that.

WordPress themes install a lot of dummy content. You risk having multiple Post Types in WordPress that you don’t even know about.

You may have lots of pages that are hurtful for SEO, and yet: you tell Google to index those pages and try to rank them within SERPs.

I’ve created 4 Main Videos where I walk you through all potential problems and show you how to prepare a website to properly get indexed by Google and ensure that the search engine will not penalize you for bad content.

This is NOT just for those of you who develop new sites. Even if your site is 5 years old, you will still benefit from watching these videos and you can take action today to fix many of the problems I show within the 4 videos.

There is also an intro video which explains more about the concept of preparing a website for its Google Launch.

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  1. Four Steps to the Google Launch (5 videos).
  2. Publish Like a Social Media Superstar (9 videos).
  3. WordPress Bookings Made Easy: Let Customers Book Meetings With You (2 videos.)

These will be available for free until 11th April 2020.

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You now know the courses available on Education Cloud for March 2020.

There will be about 3 courses open every single month. For those of you who wish to get the Free Access plan.

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