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We Delight Customers. Even with games.

Our Story

You already know that we care a lot about our customers at the Squirrly Company. Back in 2014 we had an internal project called: the Gratitude Project where we selected top clients and rewarded them with a super fun game, designed specifically for them.

Seeing that our clients loved the games and getting the feedback from them that:

“Hey Squirrly team, your brand new game was a delight. Came as a breath of fresh air in a day filled with checking accounts and analytics. Thank you!”

We said: well, we won’t be stopping here then.

You work and you work and you work, but it’s good to have something that you can just relax and have fun with. So Squirrly games came to be and we keep improving them.


Our Mission

Be a shield for our customers: against boredom, stress and fatigue. 

(and reward them for being awesome and just playing along)

// that’s the mission of Squirrly’s games division


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Our Games

Browser Game

the Keep Ranking Game

This game has been based off on 2014’s Squirrly Force browser game. After adding combos, recipes and real-world prizes to the game, we made it available in 2015 for the first time.

In 2020 it has a brand new version and brand new prizes you can win by playing it.

Browser Game

Halloween Game

This one is a text based game with many years of history.

Almost every year, during Halloween, we launch the game and our audience gets super excited about playing it and seeing which Squirrly Monster they find inside the game.

Rand Fishkin, Matt Cutts and other personalities can be spotted in the game.

Older Games (retired)

Other titles included:

Gratitude Project

Squirrly Force

Instagram Animation Game

The Age of Startups

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