📣 Thanks for stopping by. The Game Can be played for fun, but the Leprechaun and the Ghost characters are all out of prizes at the moment.

Have fun playing the game, even if you won’t get any prizes. Or, go back to seoplugin.xyz/play and keep refreshing to uncover more goodies from Squirrly and partners.

Halloween Game – special edition for 2023

Find Your Inner Squirrly Monster

🎮 How to play:

Read the story and choose the path you’ll follow down the road that takes you to your inner Squirrly monster.

🎁 Great prizes await...

<sorry, the giveaway is currently closed>

Reach the 👻 Ghost by November 6th, 2023, and you’ll unlock a massive 77% discount on Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly!

Reach the 🍀 Leprechaun by November 6th, 2023, and we’ll gift you $20 USD in-store credits. That’s not all – you’ll also get lifetime access to exclusive content inside Education Cloud PLUS.
No limits this year! If you find either the Leprechaun or the Ghost, you’re an INSTANT winner!

Challenge your friends to play the game & find their inner monsters this Halloween. See who will be the first to reach the scary-good prizes offered in the game. 


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