🎊 Your Squirrly Monster is the Leprechaun. You Win the PRIZES!

All your paths have taken you down to this point, where you find out that you’re the winner.

<sorry, the giveaway is now closed>

However, you can still get free access to 3 Premium Courses every month with a free Education Cloud PLUS account.

🌈 Beyond the Leprechaun’s rainbow, your prizes shine bright: 

1. Lifetime Access to +30 Video Workshops Led by Squirrly Experts:

Unlock exclusive content from our “10 Years of Squirrly” Event inside Education Cloud PLUS.

Over 30 video workshops and presentations led by Squirrly experts await. Watch the videos to unearth the secrets of SEO, level up your digital marketing skills, and discover untapped resources from the vast Squirrly universe.

2. $20 USD In-Store Credits

Take advantage of this free invite to join Squirrly’s exclusive ‘SaaS for Your Friends‘ club. 

You’ll be greeted with a warm $20 USD in credits, yours to spend on ANY of the premium products available now inside our Store for Entrepreneurs. Treat yourself!

The Sand in the Hourglass Dwindles...

Don’t wait too long to redeem your prizes! These treasures will vanish into the dark when the clock strikes midnight on the 5th of November, 2023.
Terms and Conditions: Please review the “For Squirrly Halloween Game – Find Your Inner Squirrly Monster, 2023 Edition” section for full details.

How to claim lifetime access:

Step 1.

Go to your Education Cloud PLUS account (if you haven’t already created a FREE account, go ahead and create one now)

Step 2.

Once you’re in, go to Profile – Redeem code

Step 3.

Enter the code: 

DM10k to get Lifetime access to 10,000 Visits from Social Media

Master2022Security to get Lifetime access to MasterClass for Hide My WP Ghost

ContentSecrets to get Lifetime access to Content Creation Secrets to Save Time & Wow Readers 

MasterSEO to get Lifetime access to Squirrly SEO: Smart Strategy MasterClass

Step 4.

Click the YELLOW button

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