How to Measure the ROI of a Content Marketing Strategy

It's great that you've asked yourself "how to measure the ROI of a Content Marketing Strategy", because most people just think about building and then implementing the strategy, but then forget to really measure the return on their investment.In order to come up with a way to measure the ROI of your content, you need to think about the objectives of your strategy. Why do you have a strategy in place? How is it supposed to help you?According to the answer you come up with, you can then set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), that will let you know how much you progress towards the end you've assumed for your strategy.For some businesses it can be: generating more sales from leads. For other businesses it can be: "getting more leads". You can't measure until you know specifically what it is that you want to obtain by implementing your strategy.

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Whether your desired ROI is sales, or brand awareness, or social engagement, we have just the right pointers for you in the last lessons that come with the actionable book we call Speedy Content.Speedy Content is an actionable book onĀ how to build a sustainable content marketing strategy for 2014.At the end of the book and in the last lessons, you'll get actionable stuff on how to measure the ROI of a content marketing strategy.

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how to measure the roi of a content marketing strategy