Google Helpouts, what it can do for your content marketing plan

14 Nov 2013
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015
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Google has revealed one of it’s new project last week the Google Helpouts.  An interesting application through which you get “real help from real people in real time”, as the giant said it himself. But from a content marketing point I think there is more to it.

What it is and what it offers ?

So remember that moment when you wished that one of your friends was desperately near you to help you cook, choose the right outfit for a party or just teach you play the tuba ? Well Google Helpouts is here to help you in those stressful moments.

Even if you can find on the internet endless how to posts, from content marketing strategies of different companies, nothing beats having a mentor. Through this app you get help through a live video. A person is there to help you get everything done right. And Google is quite responsible and doesn’t let anyone in. There are already 1000 companies in 7 major categories :

  • Art & Music
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Cooking
  • Education & Careers
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Health
  • Home & Garden

Now if you are interested in giving your own Helpouts (I will explain in the next lines why that is useful for your content marketing ) you can either receive an invitation or ask Google for one. But be aware they will make sure that you truly are an expert in the field and can give useful information. This is to ensure the quality and safety of  Helpouts, as Ashley Faulkes explains in his own article.

And of course you can’t expect all help to come for free.  Some people offer help for free as part of a content marketing strategy, but others charge either by minute or by session.

What Google get’s out of it ?

The percent taken out of the fees people pay is the smallest thing they get out of it. The real important part comes from the fact that in order to use Helpouts you have to :

  • Have a Google plus account
  • Use Google wallet for payment
  • And use Google Hangout for the video conversation

content marketing

It’s an interesting approach of creating a useful content marketing strategy of sharing to help themselves have more active users. Plus it makes money anyway and you don’t have to bother with the content. You make sure you have reliable people and they will personalize and give answer inside a conversation. Awesome tool.

Asking for help

There are many ways this application can be useful. Consider that a professional takes the time to answer to your particular problem. Also when there are domains as content marketing or SEO you need someone that can give a specific answer to your specific situation. And even if on the internet somewhere your answer is written, having a live video conversation with the person that gives you the answer and further explanation is great.

Plus having a human live interaction makes it easier to take the learning process at the learning speed you need it. Some people are naturals at cooking, other need more time and repeating the same indication several times before they actually catch it.

The content marketing benefits of the helper

Google Helpout gives the opportunity to be established, by the Giant Search Engine, as an expert in your field. There is no more debate about it, if Google let’s you in and if they trust you, more people will trust you as well. But for that you have to work hard at being important in your field across the internet. Create quality content and share it with people.

Ok so your an expert and Google sees that as well now. The Helpouts improves your content marketing strategy because you can personally and directly connect with your future clients. You can’t sell them directly your product that doesn’t work. But the same principles you use in content marketing can help you here. They need help in your field. Offer that help and then explain it shortly how they can find other useful information about the subject on your site, or the same problem can be solved by your product.

Also I do consider that for a content marketing writer it might be of use to try Helpout for the ideas it gives for new fresh content for your site. You find first hand the problems people have and how you can solve them. But you have to take into account that small step of going from specific to a more general example.


Helpout has lots of potential to be a tool that most people will need in the near future. Google has more than enough reasons to promote it and work on keeping it up to date. And all of us have reasons to join, if not to bring us an small edge to our content marketing scheme at least for the sake of helping others.

But as Ashley Faulkes pointed out in his article we don’t know for sure if people will actually use it. What do you think are going to try out Helpout ?