Google’s voice in inbound marketing

30 Nov 2013
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015
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Remember how in Dexter’s Lab, computer had a voice and it answered to all the commands that Dexter gave? I remember the episode were he had to turn her down ? There is no inbound marketing needed for me to want that product. When I hear about Google’s beta on Android Central version for Google Voice Search Hotword I had to find out if they created my dream since childhood or they created a small monster I will be scared of for the rest my days.

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What is Google Voice Search Hotword ?

Well first of all it’s not a very good name for a product. But I hope that by the time they take out of beta they will rename it. It’s an app you can find for free in the Chrome Shop. If you use this app you don’t need to type any more. But I wondered how this will influence inbound marketing in a larger picture. When you want to search for something on the internet using Google you just say Ok,Google and the app opens.

It listens to what you say and then it gives you your search. You can even set it to tell you the answers vocally. So basically it’s Google’s Siri but less friendly. I’m a bit curious if they will use this tool in their inbound marketing plan for other apps and products in the future.

Including voices in inbound marketing

I can’t wait to see what people actually think about this app now. It’s hard to tell in the first period of time. I do think that it will become popular as I already saw a bunch of people having fun with it. Plus it’s great for people that all ready use speech recognition programs. This will only integrate searching into the activities they normally do.

I for one find it creepy and invasive. I think it’s weird to have someone record things you say while waiting for the “OK,Google” command. But I do have to admit that for a beta version it’s interpret pretty well the English language and understand exactly what you said.

In the end

I do think it’s going to have some user, but I am not sure of it will become liked by the big group of people. If it does become picked up by them. I would love to see the influences it has on inbound marketing.