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As the name suggests, we are a bit Squirrly. We are all about having fun, being creative and inspiring our partners. We have grown as a company in the six years since we have been on the market.

From starting out with only one WordPress SEO plugin, we now have 3 products on the market (Squirrly Plugin,  Startbox,  ContentLook) and offer Digital Marketing Services as well.

If you want to find out more about our story just click here.

We also offer a Udemy course on Content Marketing which has over 2520 students. And let’s not forget that Neil Patel and Brian Dean (some of the biggest names in Content Marketing and SEO) recommend us. If you want to find out more about us just click here.

What Does Working at Squirrly Feel Like?

Becoming part of our team at Squirrly will offer you the opportunity to collaborate with Social Media, Strategists, Quality Assurance Analysts and Marketing Experts.

You will get to learn a lot from them by collaborating on different projects.

We offer complete marketing strategy services to our clients, which means that you will do research for the field that they work in and create content suited for their audience.

You will get to find out interesting information from various industries like Content Marketing and Sales, Connected Cars or even Fashion.

If you have your own marketing ideas you would like to test out, this is the environment that will help you do that. Having brainstorming meetings every week, makes us a highly creative working environment.

We are also open to many ideas and are willing to put in the time and effort to see where they take us.

We offer Full-time or part-time employment.

For the best collaboration within our team we work with clear deadlines that are respected by our whole team regardless of the number of hours they work per day. (which does not mean we make people stay over time. We never do that, because every single Squirrlyan can deliver during working hours).

What we expect from you:

As a team, we are searching for people that would easily fit in with us in order to deliver happiness together. In this aspect, we have a list of requirements:

• We need people that can work well in teams but also as individuals.

• Be creative and don’t hesitate to show it.

• You need to be responsible and deliver on your deadlines.

• Honesty is important for us, so you need to speak up when something becomes an issue

• A confident speaker and writer in English

• We need you to have an opinion

• Interested in taking more decisive positions in the future represents an advantage and will help you gain a higher   position in the company.

Also, we usually have a training process before we discuss hiring anyone. Since it is not the case right now, and we will directly hire you, we’ll need to see that you have basic knowledge on: Buyer Personas, Calls to Action and the marketing side of Content.

We do NOT care about your previous experience, because if you’ll become a Squirrlyan, we’ll make it our duty to help you grow and become great at marketing and at writing content. Your previous experience holds 0% value in the screening process. We need you to be good. If you baked cookies before coming here, we’re fine with that (and we’ll make you bake some).

How Can You Apply?

Send us your resume along with a 500 words English article written by you, at [email protected] The subject of the articles is of your own choice. The articles will only be used for the selection process and will not be published anywhere. We will contact you with details regarding the next steps of the Selection Process. (This is mandatory)

PLUS, really small bonus points in your selection process if you send us a version of this very page, for which you do your own proofreading and identify small English glitches. Hint: there are a few. (this is NOT mandatory)