How engineers can help for the best SEO ?

How engineers can help for the best SEO ?

09 Feb 2014
| Last update: 20 Mar 2015
Alexandra Nicola

Alexandra Nicola

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Alexandra Nicola

Why engineers would have the best SEO? Well I have mentioned a few posts ago that I am studying to become an engineer. (If everything goes according to the plan in a few most we will an engineer squirrel). As a happy intern that also has to take exams, I actually realise that working at Squirrly helps me learn, and learning helps me become better at my job.

Engineers have most of the conceptual know how on Search Engine Optimization

There have been many that realised that already but I never though that working towards the best SEO would be connected with mechanical engineering. Even my fellow colleges that aren’t so content oriented can do it because Engineering teaches you a few principles that you can use in inbound marketing as well. Those key ideas are interconnectivity, PLM and data flow and I will explain them in the next lines.

The interconnectivity of concepts and elements

When you design a new product you need to understand the relationships of each of that product part working in the whole product. In the case of achieving the best SEO, you need to understand every element how it connects to the end result of ranking higher. Establishing those relationships and maintain their influence is just as important in the design process as it is the content marketing strategy. From my experience they work pretty much the same way.

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I’ll give you two examples, when designing an end-effector for a robot you have to establish the needs of the interested parties, translate them into performance characteristics , then into functions, modules and parts. This process makes you be sure that you create the product the market needs. Much the same a inbound marketing strategy helps you stick to initial plan that get the best SEO results.

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A well thought content marketing strategy, with a roadmap that integrates each phases goals helps you keep in mind through the whole process of content creation and promoting what are the goals you chose from the start. You should also work on the creation of the links of your site and many other elements. For the best SEO you have ContentLook to help you and in engineering there a few methods and programs to make the design be focus on the initial needs.

PLM – how data, people, process and products work together

First of all Product Life-cycle Management is a strategic business approach that applies a consistent set of business solutions that support the collaborative creation, management, dissemination and use of product definition information (according to CIMdata). Of course this is not something implemented by the engineer in his work. As part of becoming an engineer is important to understand this strategy and how we interact with it.

How does PLM help for the best SEO ? That is a simple question to answers. The PLM is a holistic process. Meaning it connects the concept, design, realisation, market, sales and disposal phases of the product. There is a lot of talk in the industry that it’s hard to have content creators that understand the niche so well.

A PLM helps a company in the inbound marketing strategy by making the collaboration of engineers that understand the product in certain way, the marketers and the content creators. In coming up with marketing or support content for the best SEO plan you can work witch each party involved for the best result.

Also this approach considers that the clients and suppliers are also key and important actors in how the product works through it’s life-cycle. Much the same as brand ambassadors or customer support social media communities.  Those individuals are not part of the company but influence the PLM. Even if the word “product” is used in the term, this approach can be applied for an article, the whole content, a site, a production plan or a business.

The data flow towards best SEO

Another concept that good engineers understand is how data moves. From needs of the market that are interpreted and become the basis of their design that then transform into the specks by witch the workers build the product. This is just as important in working towards the best SEO.

In the concept of Service Design, we as engineers learn that is our job to understand where the needs of the market are going. Basically to create or plan the product or services before the market actually asks for it. In the inbound marketing industry it is much the same. The Service design thinking that Maria Hayhow was talking about in content marketing, is understand the requirements of your customers before they even notice them.

Basically it is an approach in which you collect information from your existing costumers to build a sequence approach of disseminating  data that takes your prospects form leads to customers and gets you the best SEO results. The collaborative aspect of this approach is what makes engineers vital in the end result.


Even if most people consider my decision to become a content marketer something totally different than being a robotic engineer, I don’t see that much of a difference. They both work with the same concepts in the end, being interconnected in the whole PLM approach. They both bring their contribution in the data flow and in the strategy to achieving the best SEO for the business they work in.

What do you guys think ? Let us know in the comment section below.