How to Crush Negative Core Beliefs Before They Destroy Your Startup

23 Nov 2015

Negative core beliefs are those thoughts that paralyze your ability to grow your business. The issue, however, is that most of the time they’re produced by the subconscious mind. This means your brain is automatically programmed to have thoughts that can literally destroy your startup. The good news is that there’s a solution. All you have to do is reprogram your brain to have productive thoughts.

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Identifying Negative Core Beliefs

Since these beliefs are ingrained, they may seem difficult to identify. Think about your work. What excuses do you make for not doing things that will grow your business or increase sales? This, right here, is centered around a negative core belief. You’re not only making excuses to fail, but you’re also placing limitations on your startup. This is how to identify them:

1)  Does the negative thought/excuse you have intensify depending upon your mood?

2)  If this thought is genuinely true, what does it actually mean?


Negative thought: Social media marketing doesn’t work for your startup. And besides, you don’t have time for it.

If this is true, does it mean that social media marketing doesn’t work or does it mean that you’re not managing your time to fit it in? Which one is more likely to be true?

3)  Why is this negative core belief bad for your startup?

4)  What does this say about you?

5)  What are you willing and capable of doing to reverse this negative thought?

Reverse Negative Core Beliefs & Put Your Startup in Turbo Mode

Every negative core belief comes with a negative feeling attached to it. These feelings literally suck your mental and physical energy. This stunts creativity, paralyzes productivity and will eventually destroy your startup. So when you identify these ‘icky’ thoughts, you want to reverse them:

1) Reword the negative thought into something positive. Give it a completely opposite meaning so it can give you an opposite feeling.


Negative thought:  Social media marketing doesn’t work for your startup. And besides, you don’t have time for it.

Reversed thought:  I’m going to make time to do social media marketing for my business.

By reversing this thought you automatically reverse the feeling you get when you think about social media marketing. As a result, you have a positive, motivated feeling instead of a negative, hopeless one.

2)  Write down a detailed step by step plan that you know you can follow every single day.

3)  Designate a specific time and simply follow the step by step plan to market your startup.

Believe it or not, within 30 days, perhaps even less than that, your negative core belief will be crushed. It’ll be replaced with a new positive belief that not only motivates you, but also helps your business.

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Lynn Silva

Lynn Silva

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Lynn Silva