How to Improve Your Spirituality and Make a Connection with People

19 May 2016
| Last update: 22 Aug 2017

Do you find yourself struggling with your day-to-day routine and the people around you? Do you find it hard to get up in the morning and get on with your daily schedule, because you don’t see any point to it? Then you need to understand that the thing that is ailing you is not physical, but spiritual.

In life, it is important to be able to make a connection with people and be at peace with your spiritual self. Otherwise, you will always find yourself feeling unhappy, no matter how many great things you achieve.

Not sure where to start when it comes to this? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind whenever you want to improve your spirituality and make a connection with people:

1. Choose the best way to get in touch with your spirituality

This is totally up to you, since it has to be in accordance with your preferences. It does not matter if you follow a religious doctrine or if you believe in something else, accessing and improving your inner spirituality is always an option.

make a connection

In order to make a connection that lasts, both with people and your spiritual self, it is important to make sure that you are comfortable with the way you go about achieving this. Prayer and meditation are both great options and only you can decide which one would best work for you.

Just remember to set time aside each day for this activity if you want to improve your life.

2. Spending time with others helps you make a connection

This is especially true if you are a loner by nature. It might seem hard at first to start spending time with large groups, be them friends, religious gatherings or choir meetings, but you will find it becomes easier and easier as time passes.

This way, you will also feel fulfilled because you will know that you are not alone. Just make sure to only spend time with people who deserve your attention.

Avoid toxic environments at all costs, since they will only poison your inner peace and spirituality.

3. Grow your mind

You cannot expect to achieve peace with your inner spiritual self if you only treat your mind to things and activities that are not stimulating from an intellectual point of view.

Whether it is taking a couple of community college classes or setting time aside each day to read information-rich books, you will definitely improve your learning capacity and open your mind to a new  spectrum of spirituality.

You can also try joining a book study group. This will definitely help you make a connection that is meaningful with like-minded people.

4. Don’t forget about recreation

This is a must, since both your mind and your soul need a little R&R every once in a while. Make plans for the weekend to do something you really enjoy, like hiking or playing a sport.

It would also be a great idea to invite a couple of your friends along to ensure it will make for a great memory.

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Irina Pogor

Irina Pogor

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Irina Pogor