How To Look Your Best In Your Wedding Photos

25 May 2015
| Last update: 29 Aug 2017

Your wedding is one of the most anticipated moments, therefore, it should be perfect. And when I mean perfect, I don’t mean only that the reception, the dress, the make-up, the place to be perfect, but everything. Including your wedding photos.


When you will browse your photo album, in let’s say, 10-30 years, you don’t want to be ashamed of how you looked. You don’t want to point out the imperfections you see, you just want to appreciate yourself, to remind yourself how beautiful you were and are. Therefore, to achieve this, you need to have the perfect wedding photos.  But how do you do that? Well, simple. Here we have a list of tips and tricks to make the best of them!

As long as you can, use natural light

Most photographers prefer natural light in favor of artificial light. Even though they can snap perfect photos from both of the settings, the first usually has a more surreal, magical effect. Of course, depending on the time of year your wedding takes place, make sure you are dressed accordingly for the best results.

Avoid direct sunlight, because it can distort facial features and aim for a spot with little shade for the most flattering photos. Of course, discuss with your photographer before choosing any of these spots to have the best wedding photos.

Have a make-up trial before the wedding photos

Try to choose the best shades that enhance your features and feel free to repeat the experiment until you reach the perfect combination. And it would be even better if you could snap a few shots before the wedding photos, to see which type of light would improve the quality.

Improve your posture

To make the best of your photo shoots, stand up straight, first of all. It makes you more elegant.  Also, it is recommended to not press your arms against your body. Try to create a small separation between your body and your arms. Besides making your arms smaller, this trick will define your waistline as well. But try to relax as well, otherwise you will look unnatural in your wedding photos.

Chin up!

I know this should have been included in the “improve your posture” subtitle, but I wanted to stress the importance of holding your chin up. Besides the fact it will make your eyes seem bigger, it will enhance your beautiful traits. After all, you want to look your best, don’t you? Well, chin up, then!

Whiten your teeth

The best accessory you can have at your wedding and in general, is your smile. And if it’s white-pearly, it’s even better! The best option to whiten them is to get a professional to remove plaque before beginning a whitening treatment and use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth two days prior to using the strips.

Hold your bouquet at your hip

You cannot appear in your wedding photos without your bridal bouquet. But also, you don’t want to look like you’re hiding behind it or blocking your wedding gown. Instead, try to keep your forearm at 45-degree angle to make your body look long and lean.

Don’t forget to have fun

That’s the most important thing. Don’t stay stiff in your photos. Try to express how you are feeling, even if you want to cry tears of joy. If you want to have a grin from ear to ear, do it. It’s your wedding after all, therefore you want to have the wedding photos that represent you.