How To Make Your Facebook Business Page Standout

02 Jul 2015
| Last update: 27 Jun 2017

Making a Facebook business page is one of the first steps, you, as an emerging company, should make. There is no better way to engage with your public than on social media. Facebook is accessible, easy to use, and to some extent, free. While the entry barriers may seem low, you should consider that there are more than 50 million business pages on Facebook. Therefore, finding ways to differentiate your Facebook business page is an essential marketing strategy. After creating your page, which is an easy process, you should consider the following strategies:

1. Be aware of the visual impact.

The first impact your future fans have with your page is with the profile picture and the cover. So from the start, you should capture their attention with an outstanding and dynamic visual cover. It can also include a short text, like the company’s logo or a a relevant quote. Your Facebook business page profile photo should be the perfect image of your brand, so try to put something clean and clear. Too many colors and design elements can hurt your image. This piece of advice applies also for future posts: do not post images that are too loaded for the eye.

2. Be interactive, useful and original.

When people view your Facebook business page make sure that you offer something that will make them stay there. Do not just post when something important happens in your company, like you have a new team member or someone has been promoted. Try to make an editorial plan, and concentrate on a certain topic daily. Form a community of fans, and engage people into interesting and original posts. Also, you should have someone responsible to respond in time to the ones who commented on your page, especially if they inquired something about your products or services. Constant interaction will boost your Facebook business page activity.

3. Create Facebook contests.

Another means to show you care, is by offering prizes and benefits to your loyal fans. Contests are a great way of doing so. Depending upon your target niche, you can find a captivating Facebook contest format. These include photo contests, quizzes, sweepstakes, personality tests and so on. Be creative on this one, and also, you should offer more than just one prize. As it happens in online contests, there will always be that one person that has a great advantage over the others. This can make others not even try to participate. But, offering a variety of prizes, will have a greater incentive on your fans to get involved.

4. Use embedded Facebook Video Marketing.

While it can be easy to use YouTube for this aspect, why don’t you make embbeded videos on your Facebook business page? Not just give them a YouTube link, keep your fans on your page. After all, if they are there in the first case, it means they care about your company’s values and mission. Using videos can come in a variety of forms. For example, you can make funny, short ones, like in the form of vines, to show what it is like at the office. This will create a more intimate connection between the company and the audience. Also, try to respond to people’s queries on a video too. This way you can make yourself better understood and people will appreciate that you took the time to make a video-response.

facebook business page[ ATTRIBUTE: Harrison Batista]

Following the 4 pieces of advice presented above, you can make your Facebook business page shine. What you should always remember is placing great emphasis on people. After all, they are the ones that decided to like your Facebook place. You have to make sure that what you offer is valuable information, this way they will feel appreciated and show their appreciation back. The rule of treating others like you would like to be treated is something to keep in mind.