How to optimize your Linkedin profile
How to optimize your Linkedin profile

How to optimize your Linkedin profile

21 Mar 2014
| Last update: 26 Oct 2016
Alexandra Nicola

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Alexandra Nicola

Now when you see this title you might think, that you already have a job. Learning how to optimize your Linkedin profile isn’t just for people that want a job and this way they can make their resume be seen. If you need a person brand in the field you work in, (in inbound marketing we all need it) than consider this profile as your business card.

It’s the place where people can make a first impression, get to know a little about yourself and find your contact information. Also when a person you don’t directly know wants to get in contact with you, finding your email address might be hard but your social profiles should be a easy thing. So optimize your Linkedin profile to make sure you don’t lose potential contacts.

optimize your linkedin profile

Taking care of the Basics

In this article we will discus about the basic elements in a Linkedin profile and how to make the most out of them. We talk about the fines elements in a future article. You plan on using it for business and getting in touch with leads and prospect partners the basic level to optimize your Linkedin profile should be enough.

How to optimize your Linkedin profile

1. Use a profile picture. There is a reason why this is number one. You are basically using Linkedin to promote you personal brand. In order to this you need to raise the level of trust people have in you. So tell me when was the last time you trusted a guy that had no profile picture on any social media ? A date doesn’t come to mind. That’s because you never did that.

This is not about being good looking. If you want to optimize your Linkedin profile you need a head shot of yourself. Using a celebrates photo will be just as having no picture. I’m mentioning this because I saw that on Google plus and I consider a very bad practice. If you consider that your looks in photos might be detrimental to your over all image you can have professional pictures done.

2. A clear headline. I know you want to impress but it’s better for people to actually understand what you are doing. This might be the point where they decide if you are person they need to get in contact with or not. If you optimize your Linkedin profile that your headline will be the title of the current job you are working in and the company you work for. In the case that you are a freelancer you can add that there or the job that usually for as. There are life couches, speakers that have only the title and some add the field that they most frequently talk about.

Make sure that the title is easily understood by a larger audience. If they don’t understand they won’t connect that you might be able to help them solve the problem they are facing. I even suggest to take them down some specifics meaning “the computer science specialist” can be better served as programmer or engineer.

3. Write down your summary. The people that first interact with you here won’t read all the experience and publications, skills and many other informations but they will read a few ideas about yourself. To optimize your Linkedin profile you need to include in this brief description some keywords that you consider essential for your work. Don’t stuff them and don’t worry if you don’t include them all. Write the text naturally and include the once that come to mind.

The voice you use in this part should be the opening act for the way you speak to people on the internet. It might be through blogging, social media posting or other tools or sites you use. Give them a little taste of your internet persona. This is what will make them genuinely like you or not. Either way be yourself and let the prospects decide on their own.

4. Details to optimize your Linkedin profile conversion. I consider that like any page on the internet this one has a conversion rate as well as any other. What do you want from the people that get there ? Simple, you want them to contact you. To let you know that they found you and they consider you could help them with their problem. To make this happen you need to have all the contact details in place. Make sure the phone number is added, the email address and your twitter account.

Not many use this but in additional information you have a box where you can tell people where and in between what hours you might be more likely to respond. It’s called the “Advice for Contacting” and I consider it a great idea to tell people that you might be more like to respond on email or twitter if you don’t check Linkedin on a regular basis.

The impact of a basic changes

optimize your linkedin profile

These are the basic informations that most people bump into when they get in contact with you on this social media site. In order to fully optimize your Linkedin profile you’d need to work a little more on some other aspects. Getting these 4 aspects done will make you page be a valuable business card in the internet world. It will make a good first impression and get people to contact you.

If you now other tips and tricks for this platform and want to share them the comment section awaits. Let me know how the ideas worked out for you. 

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