How to Plan Your Trip on a Mobile App

25 May 2015
| Last update: 29 Aug 2017

Yes, You Can Plan Your Trip on a Mobile App!

Ten years ago, who would’ve thought you’d be able to plan a vacation using your cell phone? The ever increasing development in technology is massive, and the development of mobile applications for travel is one of the most convenient, time saving developments available.

The ability to plan your entire trip on a cell phone can only increase. Every day, mobile developers are finding improvements in user experience. As developments continue, this can mean only one thing – the ability to plan your entire trip through the use of mobile apps will increasingly become the most convenient method.

Already, there are various apps dedicated to helping you plan your vacation. For now, they seem to be in two distinct categories.



These apps allow you to enter travel confirmations, itineraries, tickets, hotel bookings, and rental car reservations into one interface for easy viewing. They make it much easier to get driving directions, alternative flights, and other important information in a hurry. Some can even be integrated with corporate travel systems like Sabre.

Most of these will sync to Google Calendar. From there, you can adjust your email settings to forward flight, travel, and accommodation confirmations to the mobile travel apps. The app then serves as a ready-made itinerary. You can also set it up to send you alerts when there’s a better seat on a flight you’ve booked.

Organizing your trip on a mobile app is handy for sharing your itinerary with others who may need to know your schedule. For example, you may want the person who will be picking you up from the airport to know what time your flight arrives, or you may want your business contacts and/or friends to know when you’ll be in town.

These apps greatly aid in staying organized by having one central place to put everything in and view it. Some, however, do not assist with destinations or suggest main attractions near where you’re planning your vacation. Apps that are great at the aforementioned things are TripItWorldMate, and TripCase.


There are also apps that help you find the best destinations to visit on your trip. You simply tell the app where you want to go and what time, and it’ll walk you through whatever steps are needed. This isn’t just useful for large trips but also for small ones and even day trips.

The apps that are focused on planning provide inspiration for places to go. They provide maps, directories, pricing, and a wide array of other helpful details. They also contain tips and suggestions from other users that have previously visited the destination you’re planning to visit. You can also share information with others so they can add where they want to visit or eat.

For planning, two of the apps that are highly used are TripAdvisor and TouristEye.

With the increased usage of mobile apps vastly assimilating into global cultural norms, it’s entirely possible that continued developments and improvements will bring the choice of one travel app that integrates both planning and organizing for your trip. Either way, it is entirely possible to plan and organize your entire vacation on your mobile phone.

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