How to Use Your Iphone’s Camera to Take Awesome Photos

02 Jul 2015
| Last update: 22 Aug 2017

Do you use your smartphone/iPhone’s camera?

It’s so great that we can use our smartphone nowadays for pretty much everything we need, including taking awesome photos.

A few years ago, we didn’t have the possibility to use our phones to take pictures because we either didn’t have a built-in camera or it was a low quality one. Today, we mostly use our smartphones to take pictures because it’s so convenient that we don’t have to carry additional items with us.


Easy tips you can use when taking pictures with your iPhone

There are some tricks you can use when taking photos that will maximize their quality:

  • Use the grid lines – To turn on the grid lines on your iPhone’s camera, just go to Settings ->Photos & Camera and switch on the Grid option. This is a great feature to have when you’re taking pictures with your phone because it divides your screen into 9 equal squares. It will also help you take a picture using the rule/law of thirds, which says that, in order to have a photo that is compositionally interesting, you need to place the subject of interest in the center of one of the grid lines.
  • Use HDR – HDR comes from High Dynamic Range and it is a feature that takes 3 pictures extremely quickly at different exposures. You should be careful not to move though, since  your photo might end up being a little blurry.
  • The AE/AF Lock – To activate this feature you just have to tap on the screen where you want the focus of your iPhone’s camera to be. To lock it just hold it for a few seconds, until the lock alert appears on the screen. After that, no matter where you move your camera, the focus will remain in the same place.

Now, onto the more actionable stuff:

  • Don’t overwhelm your photos with too much detail. It’s better to keep it simple when taking pictures with your iPhone’s camera because the screen is not that big and it can be harder for people to figure out what’s going on if there’s too much on-screen clutter. Try to use the rule/law of thirds mentioned above to take great photos.
  • Depth is important when taking landscapes photos. It’s easy to take flat photos, especially with your phone. But don’t fall into that trap because you can actually take amazing landscape photos. The trick here is that you have to include more subjects of interests in the photo, like a road, a cabin, the forest and maybe even a nearby river.
  • Take photos of reflections. You know that moment when you’re near a lake and the nature is reflecting so beautifully into the water? It’s just amazing. Take advantage of that moment by taking a picture of it. For an even more special effect, try to get as close to the water as possible. This way, you’ll surely capture the beauty of the reflection.
  • Symmetry is beautiful. Symmetry works very well when the subject of interest is in the middle of the photo and the background is pretty simple. It can be the sea, a wall or an empty street.

Master your iPhone’s camera

Now that you’ve read through these tips you can go ahead and put them into practice.

Still, remember that photography is all about having fun, so play around with your phone to take the most beautiful photos.

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