Ignore These Common Health Myths and Enjoy Your Summer

02 Jul 2015
| Last update: 25 Aug 2017

Summer is definitely a season most people look forward to, whether they want to go on vacation or just can’t wait to show off their “beach bods.” However, like any other thing in life, summer also has its fair share of drawbacks, most notably the intense heat and the potential health risks associated with it.

Many so-called “health experts” like to throw around common health myths to make people panic instead of enjoying the season. Make sure you do not take these mere speculations seriously:

Summer seems to be a spawning ground for health myths.[ Photo Credits: Ariane Azevedo’s flickr ]

Entering and exiting air-conditioned buildings can harm you

This could not be farther from the truth. It’s not the shifts in temperature that pose a health risk, but the viruses and germs that survive on various surfaces, like doorknobs. Make sure you wash your hands on a regular basis.

Salty sea water can heal your open wounds – Nothing but health myths!

Giving into speculations and hearsay can actually put you in the hospital. Any medical expert can tell you that saltwater is full of germs and bacteria. They can enter your cut and cause severe sores and high fever. Being bedridden is definitely no way to spend a summer.

Wait half an hour after you eat if you plan to swim

Like most people, you will most likely remember this from your childhood. And guess what? It’s another health myth. The digestion process might divert blood away from your muscles, but this will in no way cause severe cramping and put you at risk of drowning. Worst case scenario you will find swimming just after eating uncomfortable.

Sunburn is anything but a sign of tanning

This is extremely dangerous to believe, even when compared to other summer health myths. A sunburn is what its name says, namely a burn. It is not a prerequisite for a tan, nor will it fade into one. Stay out of the sun if you get one. More exposure will only worsen the situation and require medical care.

Dark skin tones are at no risk

This is a pretty racist claim, even by health myths standards. It is true that light-skinned people have less melanin, thus being more sensible to UV radiations. However, this does not mean that you are not at risk, even if you are dark skinned. Your skin can still be damaged by intense exposure to UV radiations.

Old-fashioned watermelon seeds health myths

No, you do not have to worry about watermelon seeds germinating in your stomach if you accidentally swallow some. There is hardly any chance that a thing as small as a watermelon seed could cause any damage to your intestines. Some might also tell you that watermelon seeds can lodge inside your appendix and cause appendicitis. However, any doctor can tell you there is almost no chance this will happen.

Don’t give in to common summer health myths! Consult a medical expert if you want to put any concerns you might have to rest.



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