Improving Your Museum Experience With iBeacon Software

26 May 2015
| Last update: 22 Aug 2017

It’s no secret that museums are not what they used to be. People used to wait in line just to see certain exhibits. You won’t run into this nowadays. Technology might have made people disinterested in museums and culture, but it can also fix this. iBeacon software promises to revolutionize the experience people get when visiting museums.

It might sound like a long shot, but it’s very possible. There’s no risk involved because museums have already started using iBeacon technology to improve visitor experience. Want to know what else this software has in store for museums? You’ll be pleasantly surprised:

iBeacon software will make museum visits more engaging and entertaining.

Remember the old treasure hunting games you used to play when you were a kid? Weren’t they fun? Well, iBeacon technology will allow museums to organize various types of indoor digital treasure hunts. Obviously, the idea of digital treasure hunting is nothing new. It’s been previously done using QR codes. However, these codes don’t work that well in indoor spaces because they ruin the immersion and turn the treasure hunting quest into a QR code spotting competition.

This disruption won’t happen with iBeacon software. These nifty gadgets allow the organizers and museum curators to see when someone finds a clue and deciphers it without having to ruin their immersion and experience. Entertaining experiences like this will soon change monthly museum visits into weekly ones.

iBeacon technology allows visitors to leave their mark.

It’s exciting news for visitors who not only want more information on the exhibits but want to see what others think of them. iBeacon software gives visitors the freedom to make their opinions regarding certain items or paintings, known in the form of annotated comments. This interaction is a very smart way of having visitors communicate with each other. Give them this option and your museum will soon become the talk of the town.

iBeacon software will make the museum experience more enjoyable.[ Photo Credits: astrid westvang’s flickr ]

Add a touch of interactivity to guides.

Since iBeacon software provides accurate positioning data, you can see where each group of visitors is at all times. This information will allow you to make the museum guide interactive and consequently, enjoyable for them. You can have the guide give relevant information about the floor the group is on, like where the nearest toilets and souvenir shops are.

This technology also allows the guide to offer visitors personalized greetings, recommend relevant sights and provide information tailor-made to their wants and needs. They will also have the option to download the guide in any language they wish.

iBeacon software provides reliable, quality analytics.

When you think of analytics, you might imagine a website tool that tracks traffic and shows you where people click on your page. You can achieve the same thing with iBeacon software, only in real time. The world has already seen how iBeacons can provide valuable analytics to retailers. However, they can do the same for museums.

This technology will allow you to see how visitors are moving around in your museum and what art pieces or exhibits they spend the most time admiring and reading about. Yep, even when it comes to art, the customer is always right. Accurate analytics will allow you to position the exhibits in such a manner as to ensure visitors spend a lot of time in your museum.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your museum into the new age and reap the benefits! Having trouble figuring how to get started with iBeacon software? No need to worry, since we’ve got your back. Check our website and our blog for more useful information.



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