How to Start a Successful Blog for Inbound Marketing

17 Jul 2013
| Last update: 19 Oct 2016

Do you want to be a successful blogger, and do you also want to use your blogging skills for successful inbound marketing? Then you have to follow some “rules”:

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1. Have a subject that people are interested in

In order to find subjects that people are interested in find what they’re already searching for on the internet. This is widely known as “keyword research” and it will help you target the right subjects that will pull people in to your blog, and make your inbound marketing awesome.

We’ve written 3 Tips on Researching Keywords like a Pro. Check it out.

2. Be passionate about your topic

It’s great to write about a lot of subjects, and at times you’ll be tempted by a lot of things that you could write about and feel that you can really cover many topics. This will ultimately make you spread to thin and build an inbound marketing engine that does not send a clear message to the people who are becoming interested in your offering.

There’s a cool article about this on the Squirrly blog. Check it out.

3. Be loyal

Go that extra mile to show your readers you appreciate them and if they also blog about interesting topics, why not become a loyal fan?

It will help you gain a new Blog Ambassador, which is sure to help your inbound marketing efforts.
4. Organize your time

Pro Tip: Use an Editorial Calendar to stay up to date with all the blogging that you have to do, the calls to action, messages that will help you promote your article on twitter, etc.

Pro Tip 2: Subscribe to the Squirrly Coaching Program. There, among other useful things, you will get an editorial calendar that you can use. Oh, yeah, you’ll get it for free.

5. Have a desire for networking

If you don’t have a desire for networking, build it 🙂 Seriously, it’s very important to start networking with the people from your industry or adjacent markets or niches. They will help you with your inbound marketing in time, by talking about your articles, starting conversations within your community, etc.

6. Always learn

Learning is a must. Learn from industry experts, learn from your peers, learn from your partners.

Pro Tip 3: Learn how to improve your writing, to write better content and improve this essential part of inbound marketing. Here are 3 Courses that you should look out for.

7. Always research

Research keywords, research what people are saying on twitter, forums and Q&A sites (like Quora). This will help you be more relevant and up to date with everything that’s going on in your niche. It will also provide amazing ideas for new articles.

8. Be creative

Find those things that inspire you, whether it’s a speech given by Neil Gaiman (who is an amazing writer, by the way) or Tony Hsieh’s ideas on Delivering Happiness.

9. Be patient

Inbound Marketing takes a little time to get going, but once it takes off, you’ll experience awesome results.

Make sure you follow these advices and you’ll do alright 🙂

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