The One Infographic That We Can’t Post to Our Blog but Have to Link to it

11 Jul 2013
| Last update: 18 Jul 2014

Talking to viewers of the Game of Thrones TV Show, you can see that even now, after a lot of time since the episode “Red Wedding” aired, people are still in shock with the way George Martin (author of both TV Series and book series) killed off his characters.We’d written a guide this Tuesday about: “How To Kill Your Characters Like George Martin“, where we outlined the most important aspects of creating powerful, likeable characters and then killing them off. See it here:

Also, the article included some two famous videos of Ex-CEOs who’ve killed their own characters (the products they’d build) in a very public way.

Now, it’s time to show you the infographics that is way too bloody for our blog, but I really can’t not link to it:

Check out the One Infographic We Won’t Post to Our BlogYou will see the body count of characters killed in just one episode by the big G Martin.

The most cruel kind of graphics that we’ve personally been able to create was the Squirrly Reaper.. and it still gives us the chills.


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