[Inspiration] Look what the squirrel dragged in

16 May 2013
| Last update: 08 Dec 2014
People seem to face the challenge of not being inspired, so we thought: “Well, that’s not squirrly.. Let’s do something squirrly”, and we did.
We placed our Squirrly Spy (you saw him in this blog post) to go and track down none other than Super Mario.
mario himself
Apparently, he was waiting for his partner Luigi to arrive from the fruit sector of the supermarket. Such a casual life for our once hero, who was eating mushrooms and jumping on funny lookin’ turtles 🙂
Old video games have been an inspiration for us at Squirrly UK, when we first designed squirrly. We wanted some of that arcade games feeling to flow into the UX of our product. That’s why Squirrly SEO feels like a game
I hope this guy managed to either:
– inspire you today
– make you think of the good ‘ol 8-bit games 🙂
– make you wonder if his friends made him dress up like that or if he did it on purpose
florin muresan