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Keep Ranking with products from Squirrly.

Keep Ranking with products from Squirrly.

Our company builds products that help you Rank higher in the minds of your customers. Become the go-to solution for your potential customers.

You’ll see that what truly makes us special is our focus on the Human side of marketing. All our tools are designed to help you build trust with your Human Audiences, not just with search engine crawlers and other bots.

Always Win by Helping Others Win. This is our main Core Value. We’ve already helped over 49,000 people to increase their non-paid traffic by +285%. Also, we’ve helped over 150,000 people learn about Digital Marketing, SEO and Content Marketing. It’s the reason why so many people choose to sign up for our products.

Squirrly SEO

Squirrly SEO (available as a WordPress Plugin and as a Web Application) keeps you ranking on Search Engines and ensures your audience always finds you when they search on Google.


It offers over 200 features and tools once you unpack it in WordPress to keep you ranking high on Google. It has a special focus on helping you optimize your websites and customer journey for Humans.

Link to the Plugin

Link to the Web Application (you can optimize inside it and then transfer the content to any Content Management System: SquareSpace, Drupal, Joomla, etc.)

Starbox – the Author Box for Humans, keeps you ranking Top of Mind as a great blogger and great author.

ContentLook –Keep Ranking for the Human Audience you serve with your website, blog, or online store

ContentLook helps you understand the marketing factors that will increase the engagement of your audience on your web properties. You will surely rank top of mind once you fix the marketing problems and alerts brought to you by this Software.

Link to ContentLook

Website Analysis Plugin

Website Analysis Plugin – Helps you see if you have a chance of ranking high on search engines and within the preferences of your audience. Once you start getting those numbers right, you’ll keep ranking.

Link to Website Analysis Plugin

Expectation Marketing Book

Expectation Marketing Book – currently in pre-order phase and currently a work in progress. This book will help you build trust with your audience. There already are many people who have heard about your business. Once they reach your social media, blog and website, what will they see: An active and thriving company? Or a company that seems to have gone out of business due to lack of activity on the web?

This book will help you become the first variant. In order to keep ranking in the list they make of potential new business partners, investment opportunities or suppliers, you need to heed the call made inside that book.

Link to the Pre-Order of the Book

Shopifound.com – Your Shop Is Found

Shopifound.com – Your Shop Is Found. You’ll take the products in your Shopify store from “Never Found” to “Always Found” on the first page of Google.

Link to the Pre-Release

Content Writing Agency

Content Writing Agency – You’ll get amazing content, written by our In-House team of writers and marketers. This will help you meet the expectation of your customers; Get them to trust your brand enough and they’ll do business with you.

Link to the agency.

Education Cloud

Education Cloud – You’ll keep ranking better and better once you learn about SEO, CRO, Social Media and Selling to Humans. If you’ve always wanted to learn about these, but felt like they were complicated buzz words, now’s your chance to understand what these are all about.

People are looking for companies in your space. Be the one who shows up… in search.

Link to Education Cloud.

HSEO.tv and GetGrowth.tv

HSEO.tv and GetGrowth.tv – How much TV can you get? While we don’t have as many episodes as Netflix does, you’ll certainly find ideas to help you rank higher: whether in social media feeds or on search engines.

Subscribe and get all Episodes for Free on Youtube

Link to HSEO.tv

Link to GetGrowth.tv

SEO Plugin . XYZ or RoadMap and Company Vision

SEO Plugin . XYZ or RoadMap and Company Vision – if you’re really squirrly about Squirrly and want to be part of everything we’re building, get in touch on one of our many social media channels.

You’ll know exactly what to say to us or talk to us about, because we give many hints as to what we’re building next on our Public Trello board.

Access it here.

Link to the Public Road Map

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