Try These Formulas to Generate New Keyword Ideas

08 Apr 2020
| Last update: 07 May 2020

New keyword ideas:

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Infographic title: 10 Formulas to Find New Keyword Ideas (Don’t Do Keyword Research from Scratch)

You can use these formulas as part of a brainstorming session to find new keyword ideas which are relevant to your topic and your audience. Where it says your keyword in the formula, insert a word you find is most relevant for your website.

  1.  Adjective (best, free, new, great, top, quick, simple, easy) + your keyword: e.g. free tools for social media
    Great for uncovering core keywords to target in your most important pages.
  2.  Your keyword + year: e.g. best make up products 2018
    This formula is best used when you want to leverage people’s appeal towards the latest information and trending topics.
  3.  Keyword + season: e.g. hair care products for winter
    Use this formula to leverage seasonal trends.
  4. Your keyword + location: e.g. best pizza place in Rome. You can also try being even more specific and consider a keyword like best pizza place in Monti (a cool neighborhood in Rome).
    Use this formula if you’re targeting a specific city, for instance, or you have a physical business.
  5. Your keyword + buyer persona: e.g. SEO training courses for small business owners, remote job opportunities for stay at home moms
    Great for coming up with keyword ideas you can use as a base to develop highly-targeted SEO strategies.
  6. Price + your keyword: e.g. premium wooden watches, cheap wooden watches
    Using this formula will help you come up with price-focused keywords you can target in your conversion-focused content.
  7. Formula: your keyword + benefit e.g. wooden watches free shipping, training course free download, SEO software free trial
    Great for uncovering benefit-oriented keywords.
  8.  Your keyword + word which suggests novelty: e.g. new children books, new in leather shoes, fresh marketing training
    Good for when you want to emphasize that something, be it a product or knowledge detailed in your content, is up to the minute.
  9. Best + insert competitor name + alternative: e.g. Best SEMrush alternative
    Come up with keyword ideas which can help you build-up the foundation of effective competitor campaigns.
  10. Your keyword + modifier such as review, guide, training, list, analysis, checklist: e.g. SEO tools review
    Great for brainstorming keywords ideas which will help you reach people looking for specific information formats.

These were just a few ideas. Of course, you can play around and combine these formulas for long-tail keyword suggestions. So, you could end up with long-tail keywords such as best hair care products for blonde women 2018. 

Start experimenting with your keywords, expand your list. It will get things moving for you and open up a whole new world of amazing keywords your competitors don’t know about.

Give it a try right now!

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Try any of these formulas in Squirrly’s Keyword Research Box (click here if you need help using the Keyword Research feature). Save the best keywords you find in your keyword portfolio (using the Briefcase feature from Squirrly).