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Drive in the Fast Lane towards Top Rankings with Squirrly SEO

SEO is not a sprint, nor a leisure walk; it’s a full-on race for the top Google rankings. Your website is your race car.  And just like in any other high-stakes race, the competition is massive.
Also, you’re driving on uncertain road conditions, with changing Google algorithms, unique challenges, and new obstacles emerging constantly.
Right now, you may even feel like you’re driving in the dark with no headlights.

You can’t change the conditions of the track, but you can optimize your car for the race and build a better strategy to rise to the top of SERPs and Keep Ranking!

Squirrly SEO is the copilot you can rely on not only for smaller, immediate rewards but for SEO success in the long run.

Knowledge + Tools  + Guidance: The Squirrly Way

Squirrly SEO goes beyond the superficial, one-setting and you’re done, kind of approach. It was built to be your trusted SEO advisor helping you win your battles and drive your site to the maximum of its SEO potential.
The knowledge to fuel your SEO strategies via training and coaching sessions for all levels.
The best tools to feed you relevant data, supercharge your strategy and map the road to SEO success. Combined, they are your navigation system for amazing Google rankings.
The guidance so that you never go off the track. All the assistants within the plugin are there to guide you towards making your way up to the top of SERPs. No more driving in the dark.

Squirrly SEO doesn’t push you out of the driver’s seat

Unlike other plugins out there, Squirrly SEO doesn’t take your place in the driver’s seat or puts your site on Autopilot. You’ll still control the steering wheel, but you will be assisted every step of the way.

And you’ll have a set of powerful tools to accelerate your SEO efforts and strategy.

With Powerful Tech under the Hood, Squirrly Helps You Smoke Your Competition

You get the guidance you need to shape a winning SEO Strategy and the best tools to efficiently implement it. Shift your SEO strategy into top gear with these must-have Squirrly Tools. Let’s see what you get in Squirrly’s Dashboard:

Keyword Research: Find Untapped Keywords Your Site Can Rank for

With SEO, it’s not just about winning the race; it’s about winning the right race. That means picking the right keywords. That’s how you beat your competition – even the Schumachers of your niche.

Squirrly’s incredible Keyword Research tool shows you relevant, personalized long-tail suggestions with low competition that your site can rank for.

It also shows the associated data so that you can pick the best keywords based on Search Volume, Trend, and Competition and Social Media interest.
Right in Your WordPress Dashboard
Available for the country you want to rank for
Plus, Squirrly monitors your industry to suggest new topic ideas you can pursue without you having to move a finger. Never miss out on any incredible keyword opportunity again.

Briefcase: Build and Manage Your Keyword Portfolio

You can think of it as a safe compartment – only for your top Keywords. Helps you make sure your keyword strategy continues to evolve alongside your needs, trends and the times.

The feature allows you to build a strategy around your keyword and stay focused on the progress made, as well as the goals you’ve set. More power for your site.

SEO Live Assistant: a GPS for Perfect On-Page SEO

The LIVE Assistant gives you the coordinates on how to optimize an article or page for both Google and Human readers.

Checks your content as you type it and provides tips in real time to help you reach perfect optimization. It’s the closest thing to having a full-time consultant guiding your steps – minus the excessive price tag.

When all the panels turn green, you can Hit Publish knowing your article, page or product is 100% SEO-ready!

Audit Suite: a Full Analysis of Your Site’s Progress and Performance

When a red light goes on in your car’s dashboard, you know something requires your attention, right?

Squirrly’s Weekly Audit works a lot like that. It analyzes six main areas in your content marketing and gives you an overall score so that you can see the evolution of your site’s performance over time.

The Audit also shows you where to focus your efforts and which are the problems holding you back from the 1st page of Google.

And points you to the best solutions to fix the problem.

That means you will no longer have to rely on guesswork, distorted or incomplete information, and other’s subjective opinions to make decisions on how to improve performance.

Blogging Assistant: Research Articles in Your Editor and Build Authority

Are you drowning your best ideas and opinions in poorly-researched articles with no quality images?

With Squirrly SEO, you can find Unlimited Copyright-free images, Tweets, Wikis and blog resources to validate your ideas – all relevant to the topic you’re writing about. All in one place.

Write properly-argued articles and be a more prolific writer without getting lost in tabs. Put an end to boring, skimpy articles and keep readers on your page for longer.

Rank Checker: a Camera Pointed at Your Site

The Rank Checker monitors the ranking of each Article or Page you’ve optimized with Squirrly to show your keywords positions in Google.

Advanced Analytics that show where you’ve been so that you know where you stand with your strategy and in which direction to go next. You’ll know which keywords perform best on your site (and worst).

You’ll know which pages bring you top results and which need more work.

Covers Everything Else You Need for a Winning Strategy

With over 200 powerful features, Squirrly SEO is properly equipped to help you shape a strong social media and SEO presence. So there are no blind spots in your strategy.
  • Meta Description
  • Twitter Cards
  • Facebook Open Graph
  • Snippet Preview
  • Sitemap
  • SEO Settings

Plus, The Best Customer Support, for FREE

We think you can’t put a price on getting top-notch assistance from a real person when you need it. So we didn’t.

With Squirrly, you get amazing support, for all our plans. Free of charge.  Always.  We promise.

Show up for the Race: Show off on the 1st Page of Google

Continuously scoring SEO wins is not easy, you have to put in the work to reach top results. But that’s what makes the win so special and so significant. At the end of the day, if you could pull out that victory, there’s is nothing like winning – especially when you put in the work to do it.

Squirrly SEO will be there to help you every step of the way.

Get Squirrly onboard and Gear up for SEO Success today.

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