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How We'll Send New Customers Your Way

You create a course where you showcase your expertise and teach something that our audience wants to learn.

You also mention your products/services, or highlight your personal brand.

Our audience discovers who you are and how you can help them by learning from your course. 

Results:   📈 Increase brand awareness.   🎯 Capture more leads.   🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️ Grow your customer base.

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Education Cloud PLUS helps create a whole new, high-quality audience for you. 

Share your ideas with thousands of curious entrepreneurs, business owners, agencies, and digital marketers eager to learn and improve their skills. 

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Great content deserves a bigger stage. As a featured Instructor, you’ll help more people reach their marketing goals by learning from you, and draw attention to your brand in a way that adds real value. 

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You Won’t Have to Do it All Alone

Being an Education Cloud PLUS Instructor means you will be supported by Squirrly experts in many different directions, including marketing, copywriting, and design. 

Multiple team members will be working to ensure your success:

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About Education Cloud PLUS

Education Cloud PLUS is an EdTech Software as a Service that provides access to an ever-growing library of expert-led courses as well as EdTech features to help users optimize learning and master new marketing skills.

🦸 🦸‍♂️ Who is our audience?

Entrepreneurs, business owners, agencies, digital marketers who are always looking to learn and improve their skills.


Software as a Service

+ 6,300

users currently subscribed 

Over 50

expert-led courses currently available

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