L’Oreal is using content marketing to attract new customers

17 Dec 2014
| Last update: 13 Apr 2017

I have to admit. I am kind of obsessed with makeup, skincare, and everything that is related to beauty. And when you add content marketing on top, it gets even better. In the beauty world, the competition between brands is fierce. I spend so much time doing research on what my next foundation should be, because there are so many out there. Of course, I could just buy them all, but that would be a waste of money and products, because I wouldn’t be able to use them all.

content marketing

In the content marketing world, everyone has a story to tell

A few months ago, L’Oreal announced that they want to reach 1 billion new customers by 2020. I should say that this is a pretty big statement. With several brands in its portfolio, from high end to low end, L’Oreal is a world leader in the industry of makeup. Even though the beauty industry has a variety of products to choose from, women tend to have favorites and stick to them. Of course, the temptation is huge, and I personally can’t stay away from trying new products. I’m sure neither can you. When it comes to repurchasing a product, women don’t care only about the quality of the product. Let’s see how can content marketing change the game in such a competitive industry.

The key to an efficient content marketing strategy: listen to your audience

First things first. Before you decide what your content strategy is going to be, you want to do some research on what your audience wants. L’Oreal keeps its eye on its social media platforms, and so should any big brand that already has an active community.

Education through content

content marketing

The beauty industry is much more complex than we can imagine. There’s lot of science that lays behind it. Products become more and more sophisticated. This is where education comes in. From how to videos, interesting facts, tips and tricks, to DYI’s, women actually need to be educated in this segment. 5 different ways you can apply your eyeliner, how to choose the right shade of foundation – all of these topics are relevant to L’Oreal’s audience.

I am sure that many women, as myself, follow beauty blogs, watch videos, and are constantly looking to learn more about the products they use. By providing useful information, L’Oreal establishes itself as a trusted brand, to which women can relate to.

Creating content for different customers

Until 2008, L’Oreal was creating content that aimed most of the company’s customers. Traditional content advertising, like commercials and prints were meant to make people aware of the existence of a certain product. They realized that if they wanted to get their audience into the purchase funnel, they had to go even further and create valuable content that will target different types of potential customers.

You probably know that L’Oreal’s products are not solely addressed to women. Men have a wide range of products, too. Even though they don’t spend as much time taking care of themselves, and reading about beauty products, the right piece of content can make any man interested in buying your product.

L’Oreal launched MakeUp.com, its own content marketing site

On the website, visitors can watch makeup tutorials, how-to videos, read articles on beauty news, trends, and reviews, or they can look for product information, not only for L’Oreal products. Visual content works wonders in the beauty world, and the proof is the fact that how-to videos are the most successful ones.

Content is posted daily on their website, and the writers are ones of the best in the industry, because they already have experience in writing for glossy publications.

ROI is essential when you’re doing content marketing. For L’Oreal it is too. They compare the type of products people that access their platform buy, to those who did not access it. That way, they can adapt their strategy so they can reach out to other customers.

Content Look + MakeUp.com = ?

Content Look is Squirrly’s latest tool, that shows you the loopholes in your website’s content marketing strategy. I decided to put it to the test, and see if L’Oreal’s new platform is as strong as they say it is.

content marketing0

As you can see, makeup.com has a pretty high score. I’ll admit: I’m impressed. Of course, L’Oreal can do better than this. Still, I was stunned by the fact that their blog post frequency is every 13 hours. I mean, wow! That is quite something. Still, what they’re missing here is content optimization for their page. This will help people find their articles much easier on search engine, especially since their overall score is this high.

Their website is also missing the copyright meta, DcPublisher Meta, a robot file, canonical link, keywords for the website, and NoFollow links.

L’Oreal, if you’re reading this article, please go ahead and read our articles that will explain why each issue is important for your website’s content strategy.

Measuring success

content marketing

L’Oreal has great ambitions. The most important one is to offer beauty for all individuals. Visibility is what makes it an overall successful company. But what about the content marketing strategy of success? This is measured in the metrics that are obtained based on the feedback received on videos, or articles. These insights provide the company with realistic information on whether the content strategy really works.

Does content marketing have the potential of replacing traditional advertising?

Content is receiving more and more recognition. More and more companies start to understand its benefits on the long term. Aside from L’Oreal’s success, there are a lot more companies and startups out there that rely on content marketing.

Interaction, instant feedback, creating connections with your audience are just some of the things that bring success to any business. Plus, did I mention it’s cheaper? L’Oreal has greatly succeeded into differentiating itself from other competitors, by establishing itself as a trustworthy company, which thinks beauty is for everybody.

Do you believe in the power of content marketing? Let me know what your thoughts on this subject are.

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