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14 May 2015

Start Using Your Blog to Get New Customers 

Anelia Sutton started working with us, right after she started a new line of business: helping people with money find investment opportunities. With us, she easily managed to get people interested in her new venture.

Let’s Begin.

Upgrade Your Content.

Upgrade Your Content With The Help of 

Our Team and Get New Customers.

That’s what we intend to bring you through the unique Content Marketing Services we offer with our in-house team.


You’ll get custom content, written for YOUR website, a 100% optimization guarantee, 3 social media posts for Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIN, 3 Tweets that will help you promote the content we create and TONS of help for your business.


We’ll make sure you get tested ways of getting your content out there to your online audience and that you can turn blog readers into Leads that you’ll sell products and services to.


You want customers. We want to help you get them through quality content and we’ve built a course that will help you get 300 readers (in two weeks) to any article you’ll buy from us.

Upgrade Your Content.

We’ve already told you about Anelia’s success, since starting to use our services.

The good part is: there’s more.

Jerry managed to sell more of his printed books and also more of his audio books since working with us. After a few months he started getting customers to his life coaching business.


Bogdan, the CEO of a hi-tech startup managed to convince some bigger players to implement their hardware solutions in their physical shops and airports. Their team get many new business leads, which makes them always hire new sales people.


Rob builds up a nice community of game players and game developers.

Techsylvania, an IT conference and Events Company manages to fill hundreds of sits this year and build a solid name in the local business environment. Working with us has helped them become a major player in this space.


Other results are currently under NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

You brag about Bringing Me Customers. What results did the other customers get?

Upgrade Your Content.

How many articles did these customers buy to reach great results?

One of our most popular monthly plans so far for content services includes: 


– 6 articles of 500 words each (all are fully SEO, made subtle and with a great reading experience + 3 tweets and 3 messages for LinkedIN or Facebook, each.) :: $300


– 25 twitter posts :: $50


– 13 LinkedIN Posts (since some of them already come with the articles, this is good) :: $30


– Managed Publishing on social media (maybe even blog if you want) :: $20


-You will own the copyright for those articles. They will be written up from scratch for your business.


Of course, if you have more advanced needs we can discuss them and make something according to those needs.


Or you can start with something smaller. This was to show you one of our most used plans, so you can get a clear picture of what it could all be like.


Once we make the invoice and the invoice is paid, we’ll start pitching you 10 to 15 topics for the first 3 articles. We build them (max. 5 days), get your input on them, then begin working on the next ones (and we can also re-pitch if you want to hear more ideas)


When sending the invoice, we’ll also ask a few questions to help us understand who you’re trying to sell to (buyer personas) and a few ideas about your industry.


Let me know what you think of this plan and what you’d like to have built up for your site.

Upgrade Your Content.