Earth Day

17 Apr 2015
| Last update: 01 May 2015

Your Earth Day Offer for Squirrly – 79% OFF

Get Your One Time Fee for Squirrly SEO, and experience all the features of the software, for the first time ever in the one time fee plan. It will work with all the websites that you own, so for the first time ever there is NO LIMIT to the one time fee.

Your Chance to Pay Only ONCE for a Squirrly software and Have it Forever.


Normally this costs $400. For Earth Day it comes with a -79% OFF.


You’ll get Squirrly SEO at just $85.99, as a One-Time payment.

We’ll never have this offer again.

It will give you the chance to Upgrade it to Squirrly 2015 for free. We’ll launch impressive features soon and you’ll be able to use them


It will give you (for the first time ever on a one time payment plan) FULL ACCESS to the features of Squirrly SEO PRO.


More than that: You’ll be able to install Squirrly on as many sites as you own, so you won’t have any limit on that! this is the UNLIMITED offer, a once-in-a-lifetime deal for you and your future ventures.

Recommended by over 100 content marketing experts. Here are 4 Facts that Prove Squirrly SEO will really work out for you

What do you get from This?

- Unlimited Content Optimizations with the SEO Live Assistant


- FULL-FEATURED SEO Live Assistant, to help you optimize all your pages to 100%


- It will get you Excellent SEO on all your articles, all pages, all products, for all your sites.


- Unlimited number of WordPress sites on which you can install it


- Unlimited Articles for which you can optimize by keyword.


- SEO Audit Lite (made in General for your whole site)


- 300 keyword researches (attributed once). EVEN BETTER SINCE It’s Earth Day: you will be able to contact us when you run out of the 300 keyword researches, mention that you won on Earth Day 2015 and we’ll recharge your account with another 300 keyword researches. We offer up to 2 re-charges on this plan!


- WordPress plugin


- SEO Advice as you type your articles


- Images you can use, that are copyright free


- Insert Tweets, Wikis and Blog Articles or just mention them in your posts


- Search of Images, Articles, Wikis and News, based on the keyword you optimize for


- Customer Service


- Updates (for the features that are included with this Plan, which is huge value)


- It will not help you with the per post analytics.


Where do I Pay? What’s your Paypal?


You can pay at:


We work with FastSpring (an Inc. 500 company), but you can pay with PayPal.


Why does it say: USD 85.99 Monthly, when there is no monthly payment?


The payment processor works by monthly payments in general. We only charge you $85.99, then you won’t be charged anything else. Ever.


You only pay ONCE for this product. No recurring payment will ever be charged.


Why do you give a One Time Fee?


We don’t do this usually, but we thought you deserve this chance, because you’ve helped us a lot since we started in February 2013. After this weekend, we’ll only be selling the new Squirrly of 2015, through monthly payment. This is your only chance to get it with a one time payment.


What’s the Difference between this Old Squirrly product and the New Squirrly Product?


There is no difference with the One Time Fee you buy THIS YEAR ON EARTH DAY.


Usually there is a big difference, but for this Earth Day we offer you the genuine Squirrly SEO product.


How Many People Pay for Squirrly already?


There are over 1,500 active subscriptions for Squirrly at the moment and over 890,000 downloads on the WordPress Directory


When does this Promotion End?


19th of April :: 11:59 PM EST


Thanks for ordering this. The update to your account will be made automatically!


Best regards,

Florin Muresan

Co-Creator of ContentLook

CEO of Squirrly