Social Media Interns Wanted

30 Jun 2015
| Last update: 15 Jan 2016

Join our team!

Become the next Social Media Manager.


As the name suggests, we are a bit Squirrly. We are all about having fun, being creative and inspiring our partners. We have grown as a company in the two years since we have been on the market. From starting out with only one WordPress SEO plugin, we now have 3 products on the market (Squirrly Plugin, Startbox, ContentLook) and offer Digital Marketing Services as well. If you want to find out more about our story just click here.

In the Internship program you will have the opportunity to:

          – Learn what, when and why you publish on different accounts on social media.

          – Understand how social media fits in with SEO. 

          – Elaborate content marketing strategies. 

          – Take the first steps in managing an online community. 

          – Individual on-the-job training inside the company. 

         – Understand how to get early traction and early readers for an article. 

         – Learn about great tools that make social media marketing go from good to great. 

         – Learn how to find the right audience for your social media campaigns. 

         – A possible full-time hiring in the business.

What is Internship for Humans: Social Engagement?

It’s a period of one month in which you will be part of our team. You will get to learn and better understand how Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook really work.

What we expect from you:

As a team, we are searching for people that would easily fit in with us in order to deliver happiness together. In this aspect, we have a list of requirements:

         – Good English language skills, both written and spoken.

         – The ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

         – Honesty is important for us, so you need to speak up before something becomes an issue.

         – Be creative and don’t hesitate to show it.

         – Be very well organized and detail-oriented.

         – Be able to express your own position clearly and concisely in meetings.

         – The ability to challenge problems instead of

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