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You don’t want Content. You want Customers.

Udemy.com buys articles and gets 80% of their traffic from articles that they purchase from content creation agencies. They raised investments of $113 MILLION USD until this very day. They’re growing fast. All due to great content.

We want to help your business grow. That’s why you’ll get to work with an in-house team of marketers and writers.

You’ll get blog content from a team of writers who know how to fill in each piece of the puzzle, so that your business will prosper. Each article gets reviewed by a Quality Assurance Expert, a Proofreader and a Content Analyst. All in 5 working days. Your new articles will be 100% your own copyright, custom-made, 100% SEO optimized and they’ll be accompanied by 3 Tweets and 3 Facebook/LinkedIN messages each. This will help you promote the articles.

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Are you ready for Business Growth that’s powered by your own blog?

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If you buy articles from Squirrly, you will be able to:

  • Grow a subscriber base.
  • Attract an Audience on Social Media.
  • Create a solid web presence to prove you are the real deal.
  • Get qualified Leads.
  • Build up engagement and grow your Brand.
  • Persuade your readers to buy your products or services.

What People Are Saying

“Your service is superior to all others and I really mean it. Right now, the site is doing well and I have more customers than I can handle, and I owe it to your articles.”

Anelia Sutton (Owner: Magic of Doing)

Our Most Popular Plan

Business blog for Busy People. You give us the word. We publish on the blog and on social media.


  • Writer, Quality Assurance Expert, Proofreader and Content Analyst working on each article.
  • 25 Twitter Posts: $50
  • 13 LinkedIN Posts: $30
  • 6 Articles of 500 words. Fully SEO and Marketing Funnel-oriented: $300
  • Managed Publishing by our Team on blog and Social Media. Editorial Calendar included: $20

“I was recently contacted by IBM for a partnership. I asked them HOW they found out about us. The answer was simple: Articles on OUR blog from Squirrly.

~ Bogdan O. (CEO of Onyx Beacon)

Lift Your Company to the Next Level

About Squirrly’s Services

My name is Florin Muresan and I’m the CEO of Squirrly Limited, London, United Kingdom.
Having an in-house team of writers and marketers who work together on each project has been an amazing help. When you start a business, there is always a gamble. I’m just happy that this gamble of getting writers together with marketers really paid off. Our customers get impressive results day in and day out because of this synergy.

We offer services for Blog Content Writing and for Social Media as well.

500 words Article: $50 – A Writer, Quality Assurance Expert, Proofreader and Content Analyst work on it. You own the Copyright. You also get 3 Tweets and 3 LinkedIN or Facebook messages to help you promote the article.

500 words Article: $50 – A Writer, Quality Assurance Expert, Proofreader and Content Analyst work on it. You own the Copyright. You also get 3 Tweets and 3 LinkedIN or Facebook messages to help you promote the article.

Social Media Messages: $50 to $75 for a pack of 25 messages. These will help you keep your accounts updated with engaging content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I the only one thinking about this?
Udemy, a $113 Million funded company buys articles and gets business growth. L’Oreal, Eventbrite, Apartment List and others also buy content from content creation agencies.
How does this work?
Your designated Account Manager and Content Strategist starts asking you a few questions about your marketing plan. We ask about buyer personas (We can create ideal audience profiles for you, if you don’t know them yet). We ask about what you see as Success for the articles you’ll buy from us. I’m very interested in Customer Success for our agency customers. While answering these questions, you’ll also get the invoice for your order. After the invoice is paid, we’ll start pitching 15 ideas for the first 3 articles in your order. You will choose the ones you like. In 5 working days it will go from writer to Quality Assurance Expert, to Proofreader, to Content Analyst and then to you.
What’s the usual amount people order?
Our Most Popular plan so far is $400 / month, for 6 articles of 500 words each, 25 Twitter messages that help keep the audience engaged, 13 LinkedIN messages and Managed Account.
How many people work on ONE article?
4 People: A writer, a Quality Assurance Expert, a proofreader and a content analyst (for orders above $300 / mo.)
Can You Write for Every Niche?
I honestly think that nobody could do that. But, we do write for an amazing number of niches and industries: from iBeacon technology and Connected Cars, to health and spirituality. We can write Top of the Funnel content for all industries. For Middle of the Funnel content, you should talk to one of our Content Strategists first, just to make sure.

Lift Your Company to the Next Level

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