Please visit us again soon. At the moment we can’t take on any new customers.

How awesome is the content that we write for our customers? – It’s so awesome that we have our hands full. Also, our SEO Live Assistant. (because all new articles have 100% perfect SEO for the ranking factors that look at page wording.)

Since we have a high volume of customers ordering a lot of content right now, we do not know when we’ll open the gates again.

Build Trust



Active Brand



Grow your Audience



How to Choose the Right Package for Your Business

The three packages were created in accordance with the Expectation Marketing principles.  We make sure that your brand is active on blog and social media profiles as well.

The Build Trust Package is for new clients who don’t have a lot of experience with content marketing. It offers the basic in order to have an active blog. You won’t have to worry about your marketing while focusing on growing your company.

The Active Brand Package includes the Expectation Marketing Content you need after you’ve established your brand. For this we don’t only just post more articles on blog but we also create Social Media Snippets for the Articles to help you promote your content online.

The Grow Your Audience Package is for businesses that want to leave all their digital marketing strategy on our hands. This means they will have:

  • Constant Article Publishing on the Site
  • Updated Social Media Profiles
  • First steps for the brand to become a thought leader

All new Build Trust and Active Brand clients will have a starter fee in the first month, of $150.

That includes the preliminary research, where the Team becomes familiar with the brand,site and social media profiles of our clients

Want a Personalized Package? Let’s Talk about It.

Most brands needs are different. We understand that that’s why we offer you the opportunity to tell us what exactly do you need.

Our prices per each element of the package are:

– One article of 500 Words: $89

– One article of 500 Words with Social Snippets: $95

– Managed Blog Publishing for one month: $25

– Managed Social Media Publishing for one month: $25

– 25 Twitter Curated Messages : $50

– 13 Facebook Curated Messages : $50

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