Making Your Bank More Likeable With Festive-Themed iBeacon Technology

26 May 2015
| Last update: 22 Aug 2017

People don’t enjoy going to banks because they usually find them boring and quite depressing.

Fortunately, iBeacon technology is on the verge of changing all of this. A bank might not seem like your stereotypical new technology portal.

However, by using the right technology, bank managers can quickly increase the likability of their establishments.

Popularity might sound like a childish thing to worry about, but keeping your clients happy and making your business look good is as important to a bank manager as it is to a sales manager.


But how does iBeacon technology work? To put it simply, it is a device you attach around your bank that acts as a sort of GPS for indoor positioning.

The device uses Bluetooth Low Energy signals to communicate with nearby customers, showing you where they are and sending them information about promotions or discounts via their mobile phones.

Obviously, there is more to iBeacons than this. Also, keep in mind the customers will have to approve the app before you can do anything. Here are several ways you can use iBeacon technology to improve the popularity of your bank:

1. Greet your customers with friendly messages filled with holiday cheer.

Just make sure you separate new customers from recurring ones. iBeacons allow you to do this, so it shouldn’t be a hassle.

If you are dealing with newcomers, then it’s best to send them a friendly message, welcoming them to your bank and giving them valuable information regarding how to open accounts and access holiday specific deals.

iBeacon technology will strengthen the bond between banks and customers.[ Photo credits: Morten Wulff’s Flickr ]

If they are veteran customers, it’s best to start out by welcoming them back through a warm message. It also works best if you tell them they can help themselves to a Christmas cookie and a cup of hot cocoa.

Yep, that’s right. iBeacon technology can contribute to creating stronger, more personal relationships between a bank and its customers.

2. iBeacon technology lets your bank take advantage of social media.

Outfitting your bank with various Christmas decorations is simply not enough to make it stand out from the crowd.

Every business is doing this so that it won’t make much of a difference for your customers. However, there is something you can do to improve the situation.

When customers are in the vicinity of certain decorations, you can send them a message, prompting them to take a selfie with the decoration in question and post it on your bank’s Facebook page.

You can even try holding a competition, like a person whose picture has the most likes and shares wins a discount they can use towards their monthly service fees or a holiday gift card that is worth a fair amount of money.

This contest will not only increase the popularity of your establishment but will also have your clients advertising your services for free over the entire web.

3. Use iBeacon software for charity.

This idea can solve your problem of how to convince customers to sign up for iBeacon notifications. A little donation can improve the image of any business, especially during the holiday season.

Let your customers know that for every new person that subscribes to iBeacon notifications, your bank will donate a certain amount of money to a charity or local homeless shelter.

The plan proves that iBeacon technology not only makes your bank more likable but also brings people together and makes it easier to establish a friendly relationship with your customers.

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