10 SEO tips for videos that will sky-rocket your ranking

17 Nov 2013
| Last update: 27 Jun 2017
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Most people on the internet read 111 words or even less. So even if content is king that might not get you direct to your clients even if you use all the SEO tips in the world.  But on the other hand there is a reason why YouTube is such a popular site. Because as statics put it, we might take 2.7 minutes out of our life to watch a video. And that’s why spicing up your content with some videos might be one of the most useful SEO tips you can find.

Here are some ideas of how to make the most out of your videos. You can read the article or just watch the presentation :).

 #1 Think about the Squirrels that are watching

In the list of seo tips first comes, thinking about your audience. Before you start think how the video will attract more traffic to your blog, be sure you want your readers to actually watch it. Make the content better not worst. Just because you make a video doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare. Also if you have a low quality sound and a script you haven’t thought through, people might just watch it cause you are a laughing stock. And that is not what you want for your site.

#2 Social media coverage

The really good videos can generate likes, comments and shares organically. Because good content is the number one of all SEO tips. People watch videos that have good information, that engage with them. More engagement means more shares that makes more people actually seeing your video and checking out your site. And that will get you better ranked in both Google and YouTube.

#3 Keyword research still applies

Even if these SEO tips apply to videos specific, Google still needs keywords. To the research on the right keywords to focus your video on. Use actual questions from queries. The great thing is that you can add that question directly to your title. For the best SEO performance you need to add that keyword in the description and of course in the file name.

#4 Include a transcript of the video

Write the script before hand and make sure you use the keyword phrase you choose. Even if there is no rule for it use the phrase right from the start. After creating the video include the transcript. This can be most of the article or you can just add it at the end. Be sure to use your SEO tips on the script before you capture the video.

10 seo tips transcript

#5 YouTube Caption as an alternative

If the script you wrote was just a few ideas that you talked upon, the transcript can be more work. You can choose to use YouTube Caption to add the video this will generate the transcript automatically. But to be sure, check it and edit it. In some cases the app might misunderstand the term you express in the sound track of the video.

#6 Host the videos on YouTube

The first reason to host it on YouTube is that it offer free space for videos. People treat it like a social media site in many ways. Through the comments and the subscriptions to channels. The second reason is that YouTube is a Search Engine too. Quite a big one and Google takes into account how people search for video content on it.

seo tips youtube

#7 Embed the video into your site

Even if the video is a great piece as a stand alone content, make sure to embed it into your site. Create a rich-media content page or just another article. Don’t forget to include text and at least one image in the article. The image can be a stop frame from the video and the text the transcript but make sure that they are fully optimized, using all the SEO tips you are aware of. (For more ideas on how to optimize your written content you can subscribe to our free couching session )

#8 The Oldie but Goldy approach for SEO tips

When you embed the video, make sure that you use the “old embed code”. When you switch to the share -> embed window below the video, there will appear the embed code. Before you copy that, go below that window and click on the use old embed code. This will make it easier for spiders to crawl it naturally, and the new version enders your movie uncrawlable.

#9 Make a video sitemap

When including a video on your site, creating a sitemap for that page will make it easier for search engines to find and index it. That will make your site appear in SERPs for that particular keyword rather than your YouTube channel witch can increase the number of people that visit even other pages on your site. Creating the sitemap is easy if you use Sitemap generators and Google Webmaster Tools.

#10 Try Schema.org markup

Schema is a HTML markup that provides additional data and information to Google search spiders. Schema has been called “the recommended way to describe videos on the web,” and as so, using it is the ultimate of the SEO tips presented today. It’s the last step in making your video content fully optimized. You can learn more about it in: how to use Schema.org for video.

Rounding up the SEO tips

In the end creating video content is just as hard as creating any other content, but the advantages are different. You can get more of your content across if of course you have the proper quality and use SEO tips to find the right audience. Make sure to include the content in the overall articles of your site. Don’t let it be a stand alone island.



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