15 Types of Social Media Content Demystified [Infographic]

12 May 2015
| Last update: 04 Jun 2020

Coming up with fresh content which you can then optimize using an SEO plugin isn’t always easy. I mean seriously: how much can you abuse the ‘ol BuzzSumo for getting new ideas?

You can always try IFTTT.com as well to come up with fresh content and spark your engagement, but you’ll soon find out that you need more types of social media content. On this twitter account, you can see that Florin tweets about new #lego #starwars things that appear on the web. It’s automated with IFTTT. And it brought engagement from day 1 of re-using it: 1 May 2015! That account hasn’t been active since November 2013.

Social Media Content

Engagement or not, it will not become a great twitter account, because it lacks multiple types of social media content.

#socialmedia requires types of content that you won't be able to automate. Engage, don't be a robot Click To Tweet

Sometimes, you are just not in the right mood to write or you are just unsure what to write. But, it’s certain that you want to make a content which will be loved by your audience.

That’s why, we found these 15 post types that can help you create social media content that will get more views, likes and shares. So, which one will you choose for your next social media post?

Social Media Posts Demystified!

15 Types of Social Media Content