3 Easy Prep tips in WordPress Seo

09 Jan 2014
| Last update: 10 Apr 2017
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We keep on talking in WordPress SEO about how important it is to use keywords in the title, how social media affects your traffic and about many other aspects. Let’s stop for a second and think that before we start working in this field we need to prepare ourselves for creating content. Yes, you might be a guru in the content marketing industry and you could just sit down and create awesome content which everybody wants to read, but for the rest of us things are not that simple. We might need some help.

So, in the next lines I will present to you 3 essential tips in preparing for your WordPress SEO. A simple strategy of helping yourself.

1.Check your calendar

In the free course sessions Florin, our CEO, has explained the importance of creating a calendar with the information you want to present to your audience. This is an efficient way to plan what you want to create for your audience. It also helps you stay coherent and know beforehand what are the materials you have to acquire.

I enjoy organizing my work beforehand (even if I’ve been kind of chaotic lately), because systems make me work more in less time, and I can stick to a plan. From a WordPress SEO point of view it’s also efficient because I keep track of how much attention I give to each core keyword. Also, planning a video or an infographic is important because I need to do research, and create the video materials, but it doesn’t let me neglect creating visual content as well.

After creating a calendar it is very important to actually use it. Check it. Not just for topics and types of content. If, for example, you choose to create a series that focuses on the same keyword from your WordPress Seo strategy you can create it at the same time and just post them in different days.

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2.Read the WordPress SEO newspaper

In many cases it is important that before you start your optimization work, you should check the net for more information. You might find topics that are hot this week and that might be interesting for your industry. If possible, integrate that information in your content. Your audience will trust you more when they see you keep them up to date as well.

What’s more, the WordPress SEO newspaper I am talking about is constantly updating all the strategies people are using in the field. If keywords matter as much, then social media is the most important one for your site. This information is important because Search Engines algorithms are constantly evolving and changing. Choose a few WordPress SEO sites, which give you advice that you can follow, and check them often. You might find tips that solve problems you couldn’t solve on your own.

Communities on social media and forums should also be taken into consideration. There a lot of people with the same problem as yourself who can help. Also, there are many that have found and tested new ideas on their site and you can learn from their experience as well.

3.Take your audience’s pulse

Learning more about your industry and WordPress SEO is important for your general work, but don’t forget your audience. Before you start your work for better optimization, make sure you are on the right track. The people who are the ones to see and tell you that are your readers.

Check your statistics. See if a certain change in design or one article in particular got more traffic. Be sure to treat the rise or loss of audience just as seriously. Be sure of what you present to them and of how it appeals to them. If you can not tell it from the spikes in the traffic, see what they are saying on social media, or in your comment section. In WordPress SEO it is also important to understand if the people that read your articles are actually the people you want to write for. Should you address your articles to them? Are they the ones that will buy your product or subscribe on your site? Or do they just like the way you write ?

Make sure you understand the audience you are searching for and the one who is reading your articles right now. Find out more on the types of audience your blog has and how you should relate to them in this article. Adapt and stick to your plan, at the same time.

Making sure you plan out your work before you start is one important aspect that many people skip. This step is important because it helps you stay coherent for your audience and makes them want to come back for more. Prepare for content creation and your WordPress SEO, so you can achieve the most with the resources you have.

What do you do to prepare for your WordPress SEO work ? Can’t wait to hear about it in the comment section.