3 Personal Branding Tips from J. J. Virgin That We Love

J. J. Virgin is a known influencer in the fitness and wellness niche.

After traveling around the world teaching aerobics, J.J. Virgin opened her own gym and became one of the first personal trainers in LA.

She helps people age 40+ eat the right way, lose weight and achieve their goals.

She successfully diversified her business around her personal brand, from online programs to fitness supplements to coaching.

J.J. Virgin made a name for herself and became a triple-board certified health expert as well as a 4-time New York Times best-selling author.

Here are 3 tips from J. J. Virgin to keep in mind when building your personal brand.

⭐ TIP #1 You Need to Collaborate (It’s a Lonely Job)

Find a few like-minded people and get together for lunch. And soon you will see how the group will grow and grow. And it will eventually lead to events.

Finding the right group can inspire you and help you keep going.

⭐ TIP #2 Going Off Script

By writing about you, your story can help you get more speaking events.

This will happen because the fans will connect with you.

People who already like you will love you when you write about your story, about your life.

The people will understand that you did not get everything on a silver platter, that you worked hard to get where you are.

They will be able to see how you react when things get hard.

⭐ TIP #3 Keep Building Your Personal Brand

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, you need to start building a personal brand. It’s a game-changing idea, it’s taking responsibility and making yourself the best you can be, continue to learn and get better.

Having a personal brand gives you options for whatever you want to do in life. You need to think like an entrepreneur.

In whatever you do, you need to build a personal brand.

👉 How to Apply Those 3 Lessons in Your Author Box?

✅ When writing your author bio, talk about your experiences.

✅ You can talk a bit about your life and how you got where you are now.

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