3 Personal Branding Tips from Neil Patel That We Love

Neil Patel started his journey as a young entrepreneur, from the age of only 16, when he created his first website. He tried getting help from a few marketing firms, but ended up getting ripped off. So, he decided to start learning marketing skills and continue to improve over time.

Taking advantage of his blogging skills and the ability to understand what people are searching for, he creates better content than his competitors.

He is known worldwide in the online marketing and SEO niche.

Neil Patel was recognized by then-President Barack Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30.

⭐ TIP #1 Know Your Niche

By knowing the niche you are part of (what you are good at and what you like to do), will help you save time and energy and keep you focused when creating content.

For Neil Patel, his niche is Online Marketing. He saw that one of the “offs” people have in his niche is getting traffic, that’s why he started to focus his offers around this pain point.

“That’s because you obviously can’t grow sales without customers. And you can’t get customers online if there’s no traffic.” – Neil Patel

By figuring out what your niche is, and then what the biggest pain points are for that niche, you can start offering on point/relevant information for your customers.

TIP #2 Create and Redesign Your Own Personal Site

There are tons and tons of websites and blogs out there. In order to be heard through all that noise, you need to put out content frequently. If you keep sharing good content under your name, you will start creating a connection between your name and the topic targeted and so creating your own personal branding.

By posting on your own site will bring all the traffic to you, and not to somebody else.

“That’s why having your own site, and then working hard to raise its profile, can be an invaluable part of reinforcing your own personal brand.” Neil Patel

TIP #3 Carve Out a Content and Social Strategy

The reason behind Neil Patel’s sites ranking so high on search engine results for his name is all the content he has put out over the years.

“Personally, I find long, in-depth content works the best for generating leads and ranking well. For example, some of my posts are over 10,000 words and require a full table of contents!” – Neil Patel

Besides putting out content, he is also studying statistics he gets from the content. For example, he is looking at social media shares to figure out what form of content performs better for him, long or short.

Try to figure out what kind of content works best for you and your audience. And don’t limit your content strategy just to your blog, but extended to your social media channels as well.

How to Apply Those 3 Lessons in Your Author Box?

✅ When writing your author box, mention your niche.

✅  Add your social media profiles as well, so your audience can find you easier with a single click.

✅  You can even add the link to your website or have a tab with other posts from your site that you would like your audience to know about.

If you haven’t already, get Starbox PRO for your site right now and start applying these tips to build a stronger personal brand.

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We’ll also show easy ways to apply those tips to grow your influence and position yourself as an expert within your industry!

So if this is something you’re interested in, be sure to come back to our blog soon for fresh content and more personal branding tips from the pros.

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