3 Proven Personal Branding Tips from Gary Vee You Can Start Applying Now

03 Jul 2021
| Last update: 11 Aug 2021

Gary Vaynerchuk (you may know him as Gary Vee) is a successful entrepreneur with a big personality. He’s also someone who we can say excels in the personal branding department.

As a child, Gary earned his pocket money selling lemonade, baseball cards, and toys, thus taking his first steps in the world of entrepreneurship.

Gary came a long way since then, and on his journey, he never stopped working on building his personal brand.

Whether it’s through social media, his Q&A YouTube show Ask Gary Vee, or his vlog documenting his life as a CEO, Gary always focused on showing different sides of his personality and leveraged new ways to grow his brand.



You can learn from his experience to sculpt a successful personal brand.

Keep reading to discover three proven tips – and how you can start applying them today!

✨TIP #1: Talk about what YOU Know

You have to know yourself, what you enjoy doing, and the things you want to talk about.

The first step to building a successful personal brand is self-awareness.

If you grow tomatoes, you can talk about that. (classic cherry tomatoes vs. heirloom tomatoes, there’s a difference, you know?)

Don’t feel pressured to talk about something you know nothing about just because it’s a trendy topic.

Focus on what you know.


✨TIP #2: Document over Create

If you want people to notice you on social media, you have to put out a LOT of content.

However, between keeping your blog updated and posting on your social media accounts several times/day, I don’t blame you if a LOT just sounds like too much.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the amount of content you have to create, take Gary’s advice:

“Document. Don’t create.”

In other words, don’t spend energy fabricating your life on the internet to make yourself seem like an “expert.”

Instead, document your process of becoming an expert. It is far more valuable for your audience to read or hear you talk about your genuine experiences than the advice you think you should give them.


TIP#3: Be Your 100% Authentic, True Self

Ever since making video posts featuring wine reviews & tastings at the start of his career, Gary prioritized authenticity and stayed true to who he is.

^^ (even when it wasn’t profitable; even if it didn’t match what industry leaders were doing and how they were acting)

Gary never tried to water himself down. (he even admits to losing gigs because he won’t stop cursing in his videos, but, he says, the way he chooses to express himself is a personality trademark)

Quick Ways to Apply These Tips using Your STARBOX Author Box!


✅ Mention what your area of expertise is in your Author Bio description.

✅  Write in first person and include some personal tidbits (hobbies or interests that help your readers get to know you).

✅ Don’t be afraid to show some personality. Quirks and all.

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