3 Ways Video Marketing Is Changing Social Media in 2015

Social media is changing in 2015. There is hardly any doubt about that. What started as an essential online medium trying its best to connect and bring people together from all over the world is now rapidly changing into a potent medium for e-commerce, especially when it comes to the video marketing industry.

It’s mostly because, nowadays, social media has evolved so much it can allow instant communication between a company and their clients.

social media

This connection, in turn, helps video marketing companies, since reaching their targeted demographic and potential customers has never been easier.

You can start thinking about social media as a reliable platform for product publication and promotional video production. Yes, it can still help you connect with other people, but it is also changing for the best, according to marketing experts:

1. Video is now becoming the content of choice for most social media users.

As of 2015, video content is expected to become the dominant force when it comes to social media marketing. The preference for video content has reached surprisingly high levels.

Even regular video segments, podcasts or vlogs, for example, are expected to become powerful content that will be able to drive social engagements, while also achieving marketing goals.

A recent study has shown that most brands have turned to using Facebook video content instead of sharing Youtube videos. The use of video marketing on social media platforms is expected to continue growing.

2. Social websites are starting to be used as sales tools.

It is no secret that plenty of companies have started making their presence known on various social media platforms, especially when it comes to releasing video presentations.

Not only does this do wonders in terms of advertising for them, but it also proves to be an efficient way to achieve their sales-related goals. This example shows how a company managed to land a great deal via Twitter.


Other companies have also realized that there are certain ways they can use social platforms to their advantage:

  • Monitoring social media alerts seems to yield great results. There are a lot of useful apps companies can use to improve efficiency by notifying them about relevant conversations regarding their business or the keywords they set up.
  • Most companies have realized that using social media as a means to directly promote their services is a waste of time. Releasing useful, thought-provoking content, especially in the form of videos, and taking the time to respond to questions is the way to go.

3. Online shopping will be common on most social media platforms.

In 2014 both Twitter and Facebook started testing the integration of ‘Buy’ buttons into their websites. 2015 is the year social media websites are expected to start providing efficient online shopping services.

The real-time aspect of social sites is also considered to be ideal for fleeting trends and short-term deals.

The information comes as great news for most online stores and companies since Facebook and Twitter already have a receptive audience that is ready to start talking about the newest products and video ads and share them with their friends.

The rising popularity of video marketing on such sites also helps. Social media will literally make online purchases be a simple tap away.

So stop underestimating the influence video marketing can have on people and your business. Start promoting your company the right way in 2015. Invest enough time and effort in video marketing and your business will soon prosper.