5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Article Writers

01 Jul 2015

Article Writers Need Certain Things In Order To Deliver Quality Content

Article writers truly want to please you, but if you’re making any of the following mistakes, it’s causing both you and the writer time and money. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your writers so your content marketing is effective.

article writers                                          photo credit: Ryan Morrison‘s Flickr

1) Clear, Concise Communication

The more information that is included, the more exact the article will be. This includes tone, keywords, target audience, call to action, links, length and any points you want included or left out.

2) Instructions That Conflict with Guidelines

Conflicting information slows the creativity process, confuses article writers, wastes time and decreases the chances of a high quality article.

Example: In the original guidelines, the client specifies no quotes. Then, upon submission, the article is rejected because the writer didn’t include a quote. Guidelines specify no quotes, so the writer had no idea the client wanted a quote for this particular article. Had the request for a quote been specified, time would’ve been saved on both ends.

3) Unavailability

It is paramount for the client to be available for any unanswered questions article writers have before writing the article. Being available and responding in a timely manner helps speed up the process for both parties, and saves time and effort during the editing process.

One obstacle is when the article writer is in a completely different time zone than the client. If there’s a question, it may not be answered until the following day. Consideration for time zone differences in accordance with deadlines is often disregarded, and leads to missed deadlines and frustration for both parties.

4) Providing the Reason for Rejection or Acceptance

When an article is rejected with a vague reason such as, ‘Does not fit my business,’ or ‘Not what I was looking for,’ there isn’t enough information for the writer to meet the client’s needs for next time.

In addition, the same goes for acceptance. If the client just says, ‘Great job,’ while the compliment is appreciated, it still may leave the writer scratching their head wondering why this article was accepted but the previous one was not.

What clients sometimes forget, is that writers learn from their mistakes the most. When things are left unclear, it’s either because the client didn’t take the time to explain their reason, or they’re simply trying to spare the writer’s feelings.

Specifying exactly what is not liked, depending upon the manner in which it’s presented is like a gold nugget for the writer. This is exactly what they need in order to become more efficient for the client.

5) Validation & Respect

In many cases, due to all of the hats the client wears, they sometimes forget that the writer is a human and not a writing machine. If the writer is not aware of the value that they are providing, it can often slow or even decrease their performance. Validation, encouragement and respect go a long ways.

Article writers truly do want to please you. The aforementioned tips are what they struggle with the most. If you avoid any of these mistakes, you will notice a major difference in the quality and quantity of the articles your content provider produces. You will also save a great deal of time and money. Are you looking to buy articles from a provider who can significantly increase your readers and remove the stress of creating engaging content for your audience? Squirrly’s article writers will cater a plan to fit your budget and your needs. Begin today by utilizing our training on how to get 300 readers per article.