7 Content Marketing Strategies You Never Knew You Should Try

15 Apr 2015
| Last update: 13 Apr 2017

Content Marketing is Directly Dependent upon Engagement

Engagement is the key to effective content marketing. To attract attention, you have to find multiple avenues of engagement. There’s two ways to lure engagement: creating content that is entertaining and creating content that is educational. To get someone’s attention, you open with the entertainment factor. To keep their engagement, you have to satisfy their ever-present craving of “What’s in it for me?”  You can do this by supplying valuable, educational information that your target audience will eat up.

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Although this is easier said than done, there are 7 content marketing strategies that you should try.

1)  Site Visitors

This is something that many entrepreneurs overlook but it can be very valuable, if you do it right. Most sites capture every visitor’s email even if they don’t subscribe to your email list. Never add them manually if they haven’t subscribed, but you can try simply emailing them once and thanking them for visiting your site. Because you’ll be sending this email more than once, use a template to save time. Send the email from your personal email to make it more personalized. In addition to thanking them, ask them a question that they’re moved to respond and answer. Or, ask them their opinion on something that only takes a minute to form. They’re more likely to respond this way. After they respond, make an effort to add them to at least one of your social media profiles.

2)  Disseminate Your Content

Content marketing is vastly evolving into a myriad of different forms as well as different formats. Take advantage of these. Transform your information to infuse into these formats and consider placing it on YouTube, Amazon, SlideShare, Vine, and Udemy, to name just a few. All of these networks have varied audiences. Searches that occur inside these networks as opposed to Google searches are missed opportunities if your content is not disseminated to them.

3)  Master Effective Calls to Action

Often, the call to action (CTA) is overlooked. In today’s market, it’s not enough to simply ask a question at the end of your article, leading the reader to comment. A carefully executed CTA can, and will, improve your bottom line. Effective content marketing presents a problem, supplies the solution, and eases the audience into wanting more. When this is done, it’s very easy to present your product and convert the reader into a free offer that captures their email and enters them into your sales funnel, with a hunger to hear from you again.

4)  Quick Launch

content marketingThis idea originates from Jeff Walker and is basically a 4 day rapid way of generating sales. There’s 3 main components to it, but it’s also effective if you incorporate a free webinar into it and present your product at the end of it.

Open up your product cart at a massive discount for 4 days.

Launch 4 emails, one per day.

Add 3 to 6 bonuses that are only available during the quick launch period.

Schedule a live webinar to help generate buzz about the quick launch.

Of the various emotional triggers that you can generate, quick launches are highly effective at triggering scarcity and promoting a sense of urgency. This is what makes quick launches so successful. For more information on this, click here for a clear, concise explanation and example.

5)  Tripwire Offer

These are usually offered to your subscriber list and consist of short emails. Effective content marketing utilizes emotional triggers to generate the urge to buy. There are four: the scarcity emotion, giving an answer to a hot question, mentioning an authority figure who shares your mission and/or who has purchased your product, and logic…”You’re saving 90% by purchasing through this link…”

6)  Get Your Product Featured

Creative entrepreneurs don’t wait for opportunities, they look for them. Whether you’re brand new or already established, there’s always an avenue for getting your product featured. By consistently building relationships, you could ask a contact you’ve built rapport with to feature your product on their site. You could pitch something about your product to an online publication that relates to your business, explaining why your product would benefit their audience. There’s also the possibility of giving your product to an authority and asking them to consider trying it and mentioning it to their audience in the form of an email, an article, a video, or a podcast. Remember, content marketing involves disseminating your content across multiple platforms. Open up the doors to do this.

7) Udemy

Udemy is an online source dedicated to promoting educational courses. It has an extremely high user base and is growing rapidly in popularity. Udemy draws students from all over the world and thus brings you social proof quickly, and makes you money. Their policy is if they refer the student to your course, you make 50% of the cost of the course. However, if you practice effective content marketing skills, and they access the course through your link, you make 97%. This is an enormous avenue for gaining worldwide sales and authority.

As your business grows and expands, it will always be necessary to spread your content as far and wide as possible. The aforementioned strategies are excellent sources of attaining the engagement and authority that will sustain your business. Content marketing is your key to engagement. We’re here to help guide you and your business into the future. Our company consists of highly skilled professionals who can help boost and disseminate your content using tested methods that are catered specifically to you. Click here for more information and contact us with any questions you have.




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