7 tips for the best SEO landing pages

Landing pages are important across your site. They are the doors to your site and you have to make sure that, through your best SEO efforts, they are welcoming to all visitors. In order to make this happen, you need to take into consideration some basic concepts. In these idea have created a list of 7 tips that will create a guide line in creating these attractive pages.

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Put in all your best SEO

Before you launch your page you need to make sure that all your elements are technically optimized. This is more important than in most other pages of your site because you want to deliver on your promise. Meaning if this a landing page from an ad make sure that the page offers what the ad promises. So focus on the right subject and stick to it.

Use relevant titles and tags. Make sure the metadata is to the point. You should make sure to integrate the keyword phrase in the URL of the page as well. Don’t forget that you will use this page for promoting yourself so don’t forget about sharing on social media. For the best SEO work all your images will have the proper dimension to appear in the description when adding the link.

Take their breath with your design

As I was saying earlier landing pages offer you the possibility to make a first impression. Make sure it’s the one you want to make with the design layout you choose. The best seo is not achieved only by witty ways of using keywords you have to take in account make aspects. To make sure your new visitors stay on your site make the design be eye catching but pleasant. You can look half you traffic just because you have a bad design that isn’t appealing or doesn’t make sense for navigation. Just check out how design influences your SEO work as well

Use your copywriter skills in your headlines

Most people show their best side when meeting people for the first time. The same applies to your landing page that has to be on it’s best SEO behaviour. Impress the audience with catchy headlines. Just because it’s landing page doesn’t mean you have to make them move quickly to the other pages. Make them stay and get an overall idea what you have to offer. Explain to them why they are here.

Keep it short and simple. A long tale might get people confused and walking out the door. Make them stay with brief and straight forward explanation. Make sure you raise their interest at the same time.

Content is king

 Now that your headlines made them interested give them cake. The content on a landing page should be narrated with the brands voice.  Even if they haven’t interacted with you before it has to be easy for them to identify your attitude even if you are talking about a particular product in this page. Always consider their motivation for opening the link and your best SEO work will do the rest. Be clear on what is your message.

Visualize their paradise

Use images and other media files to portrait the solving of their problem. You can use videos animation, infographics and more. Include interesting captions to your picture, they have to be just as interesting as your headlines. Include links in your media. These will increase your traffic and the experience of your new visitors.

Give them a call-to-action

Let’s not forget that the reasons way you brought them here is so they would have all the connections to specific information on your site at one click away. So give them the incentive to click. A strong call-to action might be just what makes the difference of them visit other pages or just leaving after such a short meeting. Don’t forget that people react better to how you say things rather than what you say. So be creative and give a interesting CTA for the best SEO.

Make it easy for social media sharing

Include all your Social Media profiles so they can connect to them direct from this page. If they don’t need other information from your site at least they will stay connected to your channel of information. Also include social media sharing widgets. If you did a good job of convincing them they will want to share it their friends. So make it easy for them.

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