A Fresh design in a WordPress SEO world [case study]

29 Nov 2013
| Last update: 11 Apr 2017
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As an organization evolves, so should their on-line presents. From this point of view, I appreciate sites that keep up with their audience’s needs in the WordPress SEO Blogosphere. The user’s experience on your site is quite important in rising the traffic your site gets. But the true reason is that you want Humans to enjoy surfing your site and reading your articles. One example of how to do this is SEOandy.

Make it reflect what you want

When the team at SEOandy, coordinated by Andy Kinsey, decided to change their design it was because they felt the site had reached a new level. It had become a reputable source of information in the WordPress SEO world. But the design didn’t reflect that and they wanted to make it a more pleasant experience that suited their readers. Also, it meant a lot to them to have a site that loads quicker. So, 6 months ago they started to work on how their site looked and interacted.

Change, Change, Change

One of the reason people leave Yahoo and Facebook is because of the frequent changes in the interface. Despite their knowledge in the WordPress SEO field, the team decided to try out some interfaces across some months. My opinion is that it would’ve been better to try all the design theme in a beta version of the site and determine the one or two that could be tried out by their audience. I’m saying this because, for a while now, it has been unpleasant to see images on their site, as they were stretched out of proportion. It also made many readers insecure of the site.

The comeback in the WordPress SEO strategy

I am glad to hear that after the 6-month changes they found one design that they stuck by. And more than that, it is a great design, in my opinion. First of all I like that it is navigation wise. The main menu structures the site in logical and accessible way. It refers to the main subjects from the WordPress SEO industry, on which the site offers information on. The menu bar is delimited from the rest of the page with a soft gray line that delimits the spaces in a simple but efficient way.

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Second of all, I enjoy the colors they chose for the design and the simpleness of it all. The scheme was probably inspired from their logo. Blue and green are two colors that relax the eye of the reader. They also used them just for accents, as the main background is white. The simple aspect of the pages gives them a professional look that reflects the source of information they are and push forward to become. The proportion of the elements is right when you compare one to another. I would make the social media buttons bigger and maybe more calling for an action from the visitors.

Third of all, I appreciate that the site runs fast. From a WordPress SEO standpoint, that is important. Google loves good content, but it loves fast loading sites as well. I am glad that they chose a responsive design for the site, even if it’s not fully optimized for mobile devices yet. As we become more active on the internet, especially by using mobile devices, I consider this aspect important, which is striving to become an even more important source of information. The site takes up almost all of the resources of the smartphone, which I tried it on. And it is hard to navigate, but the guys are making the necessary changes to makes it more suited for our mobile devices.

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Validating through opinions

Having learned fast that  too many changes in a short time are not taken too positively by their readers, they took action. There is a survey on the site through which the SEOAndy asks readers their feedback on the new design. I’m certain that it has a positive reaction from the visitors. We love to be asked what we think of the products we use. It seems that they direct us and that they want us to appreciate their work. It is also a certain way of having data for enhancing user experience.

It is also to be appreciated that Andy explained to his WordPress SEO enthusiasts why he made this changes. Starting from the past few weeks they have been focusing more on delivering longer quality articles, even if the articles have been only one or two per month. They will also concentrate on creating more useful files for those who want to read offline as web. The future foresees that there will be many white paper and audio files about the WordPress SEO industry on SEOAndy. So, go check it out and tell me what you think about their site now.

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