The Best Market Samurai Alternative for Finding Golden Nugget Keywords

09 Mar 2018
| Last update: 11 Dec 2019

Keyword research is about speaking the language of your ideal customers and attracting more quality organic traffic by offering relevant content that best serves their needs.

Every marketer knows keyword research is SEO gold, and there are many tools and plugins which promise to help with that. Some free, some paid, some great, some bad. In this article, we’ll introduce you to an excellent Market Samurai alternative: Squirrly Briefcase. 

If you’re familiar with Market Samurai but are open to exploring your options, this article should come in handy. You’ll learn what makes Squirrly Briefcase stand out from the rest and how its extended capabilities benefit you, so make sure to stick around.

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Build Your Best Strategy around Top Keyword Opportunities

Keyword Research is the bread and butter of Market Samurai, so I’m pretty sure you are eager to know how Squirrly measures up in this regard.

For starters, with Squirrly you not only get relevant, personalized keyword suggestions for which your site can actually rank for, but you also get relevant data associated with that keyword, such as:

  • SEO Search Volume
  • Trend
  • Recent Discussions (across social media platforms and forums)
  • Competition analysis.

You can use this information to target high-potential keywords (high SEO search volume, uprising or steady trend, plenty of recent discussions) that your competition is not targeting (look at the competition for that keyword), and get the upper hand.

What’s more, if you find more keyword ideas you want to use (which you will), you will be happy to know that Squirrly Briefcase gives you access to the last 100 keywords you’ve searched for. Thanks to the keyword research history feature, you’ll see the date when you searched for each one of those keywords, as well as the country you selected.

To top things off, Squirrly’s Keyword Research now includes all countries in the world.

This means that regardless of the country you are targeting, you will get relevant keyword suggestions in the official language of the country you’ve picked.

How awesome is that? And that’s not all.

In the Advanced Analytics Section, you will see updated information about how well you rank for your keywords. For each keyword, Squirrly will show you:

  • The Google Rank
  • The optimization percentage
  • The number of Social Shares it’s got
  • The Post Date and the Author.

You will also see the Average Ranking for your site, as well as the most recent SERP changes.

Also, the data is dynamic, because SERP listings are dynamic. What this means is that you will get to see how your presence on Google is evolving and thus assess your strategies accordingly.

Armed with all this information, you will be able to build a strong portfolio of keywords. And thanks to Squirrly’s NEW Briefcase feature, you won’t have to leave your dashboard to do it. Here’s a quick preview of what it looks like:

Once you save your best keywords in Briefcase, Squirrly will show you:

  • How many times you’ve used a specific keyword on your site; a snapshot of the progress you’ve made and how much effort and resources went into it.
  • Up-to-date data related to each keyword, including trend, competition, recent discussions and SEO search volume. This way, you can see if it’s worth writing more content about a particular topic or not, and how stable a keyword is over time.
  • Which category or phase of your strategy does that keyword belong to. In Squirrly Briefcase, you can Add Labels to each one of the keywords you choose to include in your keyword portfolio. This way, you can build your content strategy around keywords that make the most sense when it comes to your current goals.

This way, the next time you or someone on your team wants to write and optimize a new article,  there will be a previously researched list of great keywords to choose from.

As a result, your keyword strategy will be more consistent and more efficient.

Another reason why you may consider a Market Samurai alternative is that, unless you’re willing to pay extra, Market Samurai’s Keyword Research is limited to 10 Keywords/day in the standard version.

Squirrly PRO offers 100/mo Keyword Research and Analysis you can use anytime you need.

More Features Means Increased Capabilities

The Keyword Research feature is one of the most appreciated and valuable features, but make no mistake, Squirrly Briefcase is more than just a keyword research tool. After all, efficient Keyword Research is just a part of your success story as a business marketer.

In fact, to quote Neil Patel:

 Squirrly is  “a complete content marketing suite”.

The tool allows you to access data meant to help you come up with winning SEO strategies, implement them, and measure their success. We currently offer over 200 different features that all come together to provide a complete and comprehensive SEO powerhouse.

In addition to Squirrly’s keyword research on steroids feature, here are some of the highlights we know you’ll love:

Speed and Power Combined

One of the main issues Market Samurai’s users have complained about is the fact that the tool can be quite sluggish and unpredictable, especially when used on older computers.

But that is to be excused, considering the tool handles large amounts of data to deliver results, right?

Well, we don’t think so.

We think our users deserve to have both the speed and the powerful technology to achieve top results, which is why our team of developers is always working to make the plugin faster for our users, without compromising on quality. So that the experience of using Squirrly Briefcase is just as impressive as the results you will get.

It’s also one of the reasons we think Squirrly is an excellent Market Samurai alternative, especially for those who have been using it and had trouble with it moving too slow.

Squirrly continues to be one of the fastest plugins out there. It even works with very slow Internet Connections (which we know are a huge bummer).

Function and Usability

In terms of usability, Squirrly is a more user-friendly, intuitive plugin which makes it easy to work on and improve your SEO game within a single platform. You can do your research, your optimization and your analysis all in one place, which ultimately contributes to you saving time and having a seamless experience using Squirrly.

This is meant to ensure you are not only aware of the essential SEO principles but also know how to apply them to your site and business using Squirrly.

Enough Talk, Take Action: See Why Squirrly Is The Best Market Samurai Alternative

We’re giving you the chance to put Squirrly to the test – for free. Get your FREE 14-Day Trial and see Squirrly Briefcase – with all of its features – in action.

All you have to do is sign up, and enter a new way of doing SEO for your online business; the Squirrly way.

Not on WordPress? Not a problem!

You can still test some of Squirrly Briefcase powerful features. Head over to the Squirrly Cloud and:

  • Run your first keyword research with Squirrly.
  • Optimize your content with the help of the SEO Assistant.
  • Check out Briefcase.

For better rankings, try the Squirrly way today! (Wow! That rhymes.)