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25 Apr 2014
| Last update: 03 Jun 2020
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If possible I’d like for this article to eliminate some of the prejudice we have integrated into the internet marketing world.

Automatic SEO software, Guest Posts, Social Bookmarking are not necessary a negative aspect of the digital marketing world. The persons that use them are the ones that choose if they are used for good or evil.

good automatic seo software

Today we will see what Automatic SEO software represents and how you can use it in a positive way to improve the quality of the content you create.

It’s quite funny in my opinion how people have this concept that we necessary have to be the underdog in order to be fair in the SERPs battle. Why do you I say, underdogs?

Well just as Commerce360 has presented in an interview, Google has lots of Ph.D.s to write code and acres of servers to perfect the search algorithm and we think that one marketing person with some spreadsheets can crack their ever changing algorithm.

That is one of the arguments for using automatic SEO software wisely and getting the advantage we need to actually attain our inbound marketing goals. But in the process, we would also become better at creating quality content that our targeted audience will enjoy. Let me explain why and how.

When Automatic SEO software is a good thing

Search Engine Optimization has a lot of aspects that we need to take care of. It takes a team with lots of expertise to actually make a site be fully optimized. There are the On-page Seo elements like the ones that Squirrly SEO live Assistant reminds you of at each post.

But there are other elements that Squirrly even does that you don’t see. It automatically creates your meta-description for each article, it gives you automatic data about the keyword you want to use, it automatic gives you information on how well your articles have done.

I have stressed it a bit on the automatic SEO software there but in the end, all it does it collect data and present in a way that you, the user, can make sense of. And why is that important?

Well in order to make good decisions you need to be informed. Receiving the information isn’t much use if you can not understand what it is telling you.

So what automatic SEO software does it generate the answer based on a big bulk of data in order for you to make sense of that answer and take action accordingly.

Now the important aspect here is for you to decide the action, you are taking. This is the happy-right case, but there is also a way this software can generate the unwanted kind of activities.

What I call a no-brain. In that case based on one or two situation, you generate all your responses. Now when you create an Automatic SEO software you first take into consideration a lot of events that might happen.

You compare your date to values that are changing and try to do as much as possible of the users work. That’s because the software can do this task faster and more accurate but when decisions are involved or creation you let the user do it’s own thing.

You need his input because he can take different decisions based on the same information or data. In the same way the creation process is something that can not be emulated by a software (yet).

So even if you use an Automatic SEO software you need to be active in the creation process and the SEO tasks you are taking care of. These plugins and widgets make your work easier but don’t do it for you.

If you use them in such a way or scale them so hard that it become just a push of a button. You are definitely doing it wrong.

Making it happen with the Automatic SEO software

The main idea is that you should use Automatic SEO software but to use it wisely. In the next lines I will present you some automatic features of Squirrly and where is the input you give to them.

The Squirrly SEO live Assistant it generates a present of list of requirements you need to establish in article in order to make the On-page SEO work. It automatically gives feedback if the task is finished accordingly or not. What you need to do is adjust your content in order to contain these tasks as well.

The negative idea concept of automatic SEO, in this case, would be for the live assistant to add a keyword every 250 characters. It would be out of context it would generate low-quality content for your readers.

The keyword research part of the automatic SEO software gives you information about the keyword but you are still the one that choose what keyword to use. Because you the creator knows what makes sense in a phare and what your audience wants to read about.

The wrong thing would be for the feature to always take the keyword with the highest values and create low-quality content on a high ranking keyword.

The inspiration box generates images, tweets, wikipedia articles and many more based on your keyword. You choose if you use them, where and how in your article. You can read the full articles so you don’t just add a quote out of context.

The wrong thing from an automatic Seo software to do would be to add random tweets in your article based on which were the most popular but with no connection to your article.

Squirrly Snippet generates the meta-information for your article. When it creates your meta description it basically take the first lines of your article and integrates them there.

It also checks that your keyword already appears in that text portion. The wrong thing to do for an automatic Seo software would be to not give you the opportunity to customize your text and would take the same one that uses for the main site for each page, therefore generating duplicates.


So in the end what you have to ask yourself is not if you should or shouldn’t use Automatic SEO software but rather how you use them. Do they generate a higher visibility for your great articles or do they destroy the plus value you want to create ?

Making sure that you deliver great content to people on the internet is the first and most important task you need to full fill the other ones are just to make sure that it spreads to more people that need it.

What has been your exprience with Automatic SEO software and how do you use it ? Tell us your story and any questions you might have in the comment section bellow. 



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