Brand Manifesto – Value Before Money. Grow World Knowledge

17 Apr 2015
| Last update: 11 Jun 2020

Value Before Money. Grow World Knowledge. – We contribute to changing the way commerce works worldwide.

We believe that Content and Content Marketing are making the world a better place. What we do not believe is that “a better place” really manages to explain how much personal growth is enabled worldwide since content started spreading out like wildfire.

Traditional Advertising is interruption-based.

It offers no value to people. Ads just interrupt us from whatever we do, and different brands just want to push a lot of messages down our throat to make us buy their products.

It’s push marketing. They catch you wherever you are and try to push as many things as possible to you, and hopefully, you will buy something. Or get sick.

Content Marketing is value-driven.

Brands that engage in content marketing offer value first, then ask for money later.

This is what Squirrly believes to be the best way to market products and services, while also respecting and treating the potential customer just how you’d like to be treated.

You offer value to other people. You teach them. You help them solve problems through the content that you publish on your brand’s website.

People come to your website to learn and improve parts of their lives.

If you offer enough value, they will end up buying from you.

This will radically change the world.

Commerce will no longer be just a monetary transaction. It will NOT involve just money anymore.

Commerce Will Involve a Transfer of Knowledge First.

By offering this transfer of knowledge, everybody wins. Even the people who heard the sales message but did not buy. Because they learned something. Their lives are now improved. They know more. They are smarter, better, more competent, and all because of the content you published.

Your Brand, the things you stand for become so much more than a hungry machinery trying to suck the life out of everybody.

You contribute. You mean something. You have a positive impact.

Greed. How a Human Sin Will Help Our Cause.

If every brand starts publishing content that offers value, we’ll witness a lot of growth when it comes to World Knowledge. Every one of us will know so much more about so many domains and areas of interest, whether they are personal or business-related.

But what happens when everyone in every industry starts publishing content?

Normally, here’s what would happen: There would be too much content of the same kind. You’d hear the same things over and over again, and we’d all end up dealing with spam again. Just stuff that offers no more value, because everyone is just publishing the same old, same old.

We have a powerful sin to be thankful for: Greed!

Once everybody starts publishing the same kind of content, there will be those who will want to make more money, to get more customers, to get a much bigger slice of the pie.

They will be the ones who will push content forward. They will break the problem of content being all too similar. They will push for new frontiers and publish content that provides even MORE VALUE than what’s been produced until that very moment.

The World Knowledge will grow even further because brands will become more transparent and offer even more valuable insights

To stand out in a world where all brands produce content, every single brand (whether personal or enterprise) will need to push the limits and offer even more insights, trade secrets, key ideas that only they know.

And this will happen because greed is not something that will go away anytime soon.

At Squirrly, we help brands create content that offers value to many people. We’re working with brands to help them teach more people, improve more lives, and grow the world knowledge through content.

Here is something that every squirrlyan (team member of Squirrly) knows:

“Millions of the trees in the world are accidentally planted by squirrels who bury nuts and then forget where they buried.”

Just as squirrels seed millions of trees that make life better for themselves and others as well, we squirrlyans want to seed millions of pieces of content that will help grow the world knowledge.

The Content we seed on our customers’ blogs will turn into great trees of knowledge, accessible for everybody.

That’s why we’re Squirrly. This is what we believe in.

Remember: Value Before Money. Grow World Knowledge.




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