Building a floating Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategyWe are going to continue the discussion of the 7 to do list of things you need to do after creating one article from the big content marketing strategy.

You can head there to get the detailed versions and learn all about how just building content is not enough. For a quick reminder I included the video with the main ideas here.

All those are the basics of what you need to do for your new articles to actually get traffic but they are not the only tactics you have. Inspired by the comment left by Magic Fox Graphics at the original post we’ll get into detail to see what StumbleUpon for content marketing strategy.

StumbleUpon, the what, where and how

Don’t know if you have heard of it or are using it in your day to day work that’s why we will talk about what it is and how it works first.

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine. Meaning in some sort is like any other search engine, like Google, Bing or DuckDuckgo. It basically has a database of sites from where the results come from.

The big difference is you don’t search for a particular phrase but rather than that you based on selected preferences you StumbleUpon great pages. You can rate them and bookmark them for later. Including the valuable pages from your site into their search system might be very profitable for content marketing strategy.

To include your pages into the system it’s really easy. Once you have an account you have to options to submit a page.

The first one is the classic one where you go to your official adding a page and the URL with the necessary.  If you are going to use it constantly in your content marketing strategy then I recommend the second option.

content marketing strategy

This includes you downloading the browser bar which is available for Chrome and Firefox. When you like a page with the StumbleBar the button will become green or red.

Much like the task in the Squirrly SEO live Assistant. If the button is red it means that the page does not exist yet in their index and by adding some information you can add it yourself.

Tip for the best content marketing strategy

What I recommend when submitting is:

  • Submit only the best articles you have. It won’t help you if lots of people dislike it or just ignore it.
  • Include lots of visually interesting elements in the pages you submit. If you are going to use StumbleUpon for a longer period of time you will see that these will be the most predominant pages you’ll find
  • Make sure the page you are submitting is original. It won’t help your content marketing strategy integrating into their index a page that talks about a subject you can find in a million other places
  • Add pages that are not created by yourself. StumbleUpon is created within the community. Respect that by adding the value you find on the internet even if it’s not your own.

Hope this article helped. If you have questions leave them in the comment section. Also, tell what other unique tools do you use in your content marketing strategy?