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Some people think that by addressing the general audience, at least some people will come to them, read their posts and eventually become their followers and fans. Now, the fact is the competition on mass market is way higher than you might’ve thought. There are many successful and popular blogs out there that deal with a wide area of topics. Think of and, who focus on web design and web development. This field of interest is really huge, not so much specific. If you want to compete with them, I can only say: Good Luck! But you’re swimming against the tide.

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Why niche content marketing?

As I’ve told you “focusing on a specified and targeted group of people who have a built-in interest, an inherent need or a real desire for your product/idea/project could be just what you need to succeed” (Read more on the Benefits of niche marketing for your startup.)

Niche content marketing helps you keep your focus. Your audience wants to read something specific on your blog, that’s their interest, their need and their desire. If you’ve established yourself as a name in your domain, in other words, if you’ve come to be recognized in your niche market, you need to constantly reinforce your position. People know your blog for your name, so they search for your articles, click on them and share them on social media, precisely because they’ve become accustomed to your niche. That’s why your articles shouldn’t let them down. The best way to make sure of this is to buy articles from niche experts.

What content niche writers to trust?

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Basically what we all wish for is quality content. It’d be great if we could all produce it and if we knew exactly what our fans want or what breaks through market. But that’s not the case. There are skilled content writers, who’ve specialized in particular fields. To those it’s vital to reach for your niche blog.

That’s why it’s best to rely on trust.

If you’ve just started a blog and you have no idea whom to contact, start by looking up a few content writing services sites, and find out if they have writers that specialize in your niche. You can go to, Some content writing services provide content in multiple fields and have writers specialized in more domains, who have become experts in some of the niches. This is the case of Squirrly‘s Content Creation Services, where I work. Our writers have become skilled in various fields such as Health, Wealth, Monetization Strategies, iBeacon Technology, Connected Cars, Crowdfunding, Spirituality, Game Design, Content Marketing, SEO, WordPress and so on. You can basically give a search on the Internet to find the best content writing services for you.

After that, comes the stage of when you actually buy articles. When you receive the article, test its quality. Does it satisfy your needs, your audience’s desire and both of your expectations? Is it appropriate for your niche? Now, it’s the moment when trust is built. If the feedback of your fans is not positive, you can choose to drop that content writing service and go to another one. If your blog is more successful, however, trust is reinforced and you can stick to them.

In our every day life, we get to know whom to trust and why, as well as it happens in the blogging world. We need to know which niche content writers are indeed experts. So, investing our trust is always essential when you buy articles.

But why not writing them yourself? Why do you need the help of niche experts?

I think the answer to these questions is YOU. Albert Camus was saying that the absurdity of human nature comes from man’s refusal to accept that he is what he is.

YOU need the help of a niche expert for your blog. Why?

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You need to know your position in your online business. If you’re not a content writer specialized in a niche, if you’re not an adept writer in the field, you should accept this. You need the help of a professional niche content writer if you want your blog to shine and stand out. No matter how great you might be in your niche, if you don’t have the skills of a writer or blogger, you’re not in for the win.

Accept that a niche content expert is a niche content expert

Don’t overburden yourself with a task that for a writer is done with passion, energy and devotion. As you do your job because you like doing it, so does a niche content writer. They invest time, effort and passion into doing research, writing the best blog-post they can and finding out the best strategies to appeal to and attract your audience. They know what to say so that they should keep your audience up-dated, interested and engaged.

The quality of a post done by a niche expert can’t compare with a blog-post done by somebody in your company in addition to whatever tasks they might have. Your employees won’t invest that much time, thought or effort into writing about your niche, not because they are not good enough, but because this is an additional task, made to seem as a burden that it’s best to get done with as soon as possible, so that they could return to their ordinary duties. Even if they invest in writing for your blog and they are really informed, think a second about this: do they have the knowledge of how to optimize the posts, make them rank up on search engines, how to structure them and engage your audience?

A content writer does more than merely write your blog post. It’s a profession in which they skill constantly and need to frequently up-date their knowledge.

This being settled, you might have a last question:

Why buy from niche experts and not from a general content writing service?

This can also be a question of ethics. Would you want your clients to turn to mass market instead of you? I don’t think so. You might have the answer to this. You fulfill for your clients/fans/followers a specified desire, need or want. You are a niche and you do not address the large mass of people, but only a very specified one.

You are a niche and a niche needs articles written for a niche. They are done by expert content writers in that particular field. All it’s great in theory, but let’s move on to practice.

In the case you buy articles from a general content writing service, your audience might be dissatisfied by the too general tone and general information provided, so they might drop reading your blog altogether. Niche experts know what your field of interest needs at the moment, what your readers want to read and what’s stirring the news in that niche at the moment.

At Squirrly our writers research in detail various fields ranging from game development to ways of funding startups, to spirituality, to ground-breaking technology and to many others, according to our clients’ desires and needs. We specialize in these fields and become able to deliver professional content in the niche you are interested in. Check out our Content Creation Services

I guess you’re more convinced now that what you need is to buy articles from niche experts in order to have a happy and satisfied audience. Have you already found your content niche experts? Share them with us!



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