Can Content Writing Services Make a Difference in Your Company’s Growth?

01 Jul 2015

Everyone is talking about content marketing, how important it is, and how we all should include it in our business strategy. But the audience for these articles is people who are already working in the digital field. They’re slowly starting to apply these principles and using content to grow their audience.

These companies don’t need content writing services because they’ll most likely hire an in-house person for the job.

The main point here, is that the companies who need content the most, aren’t adequately informed of the value content marketing can bring to their business. In the last few months, we’ve worked with several types of businesses. This includes small companies, personal brands, and various start ups.

This helped us to understand and learn more about their fears and how to approach them in order to make them see the value content writing services can bring to their business.

With content, you invest wisely.

Many business owners still believe in the power of Facebook and Google ads because they can create them to target an exact group of people.  The concept that people will see those ads and either buy, or join a mailing list is still very powerful.

But is it really an effective way to spend your money? Is the return on investment what you hoped for?

From what we’ve noticed here at Squirrly, people are sick of ads. They’ve started to ignore them, and can even choose not to see them anymore at all. Aside from not paying attention to ads, people have much more knowledge on the mechanisms of marketing, and what tactics companies use to attract new customers.

A marketing strategy is expensive, but a content strategy is affordable and it brings more profitable results.

What customers appreciate the most.

Customers love honesty. There’s no better way to be honest than answering the problems of your audience and helping them achieve success.

Through content, you can become a valuable source for your future customers. You can teach them something valuable and they’ll appreciate it. In addition, because you provide it for free, you earn their trust.

Let’s say you’re a travel agency. A potential customer goes on Google to search for popular summer destinations or what to take on a trip to Hawaii. They land on your site. When they read your article, it builds credibility because your content provided value and helped them make a decision or solved their problem.

If, for some reason they don’t have the money to buy your product or use your services, your business will be top of mind for when they are in a position to purchase. It’s also possible that they’ll recommend your business to a friend they think will need it.

How will my article pop up on Google search results? It’s really simple. Squirrly, as a company that provides content writing services, makes sure that all the articles are fully optimized both for search engines and humans, thanks to our trusty SEO plugin.

Before we start writing an article for a client, we make sure we understand what their buyer personas are and what they want to attract through their content. After that, we research the best keywords for their business and what the potential audience will appreciate the most in terms of content.

Because we pick and choose the best keywords, our clients’ articles are going to be found in Google search results.

Also, with different clients come different goals. The sales funnel guides us towards the type of content we need to create so that we can engage with the clients’ audience.

Content writing services from Squirrly.

Content sells, and with content you can grow your company because it builds a loyal user base for your business. Loyalty and trust are rare these days, especially with new businesses.

If you want to know more about what content marketing is, and how we can help you, then head over to this page to find out more.



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